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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


no time for scribbles ... makes hernando a grumpy boy.

- - -

Random toss-ups for a Tuesday afternoon:

  1. me = 99% slutty (rounding up).

  2. I really don't think Salvodelli will be able to withstand the onslaught of the climbers during that final week in this year's Giro. And, who wouldn't want Basso to take his first Grand Tour, anyway? But I'm sure he's racing clean!

  3. Cat's Hill is this weekend ... meow.

  4. East Coast roadie-scum National's this year. I'm going to enjoy racing against a completely blind field. Fun. I don't care if it's the geezer-ships, i'm still gonna give it full gas.

  5. i miss that glorious fatigue in the limbs that only comes from a monster-truck stage race.

  6. i love crits that occur late in said stage races ... takes the sap out of them uber-bruisers.

  7. i hate the traffic in Santa Cruz.

  8. zefrank is back on the giggle stick. yummy.

  9. if mtb natzy's is gonna be in Colorado ... look out locals. Those cats in the rockies pedal deep and throaty.

  10. my personal opinion of USA Cycling is that it is just like any other bureaucracy.

  11. though i wish they'd consulted me before their jersey design came due, i do find much coolness in the mintyFresh racing website.

  12. i am a complete dork.

  13. the wedding plans are beginning to coalesce in the noggin.

    wished for visions,
    only inspire what will be.
    as it should be.
    as all things,


Chico Cyclist said...

Gotta love it......OV is classic as usual. You just have to luv this man's blogship.

Me = Still amazed at your racing this past Sunday.

sticky said...

OV = God

you just plain ol' rule....

Benjaminiac said...

can you get any higher on the slut-o-meter?

Benjaminiac said...

99.6% rounds up to 100%. so yes, you can.

diskzero said...

Wedding plans. Hooray! Our two year milestone is coming up (after avoiding the issue for twelve years.)

Hick said...

I'm going with #12

Benjaminiac said...

nice one, MS

X Bunny said...

did you do what is needed for her to set the date?

Velo Bella said...

he's being sooo secretive.

He won't even tell me what his coalescing plans are.

All I know is there better be some dancin going on.

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