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Thursday, May 18, 2006

stompin them critics in the throat

janny-poo done won hisself the long Giro TT ...

Boy, oh boy ... that takes some pressure of der Kaiser, that's for sure. Weirdly, now he's back as a Tour contender, immediate-like. Oh, those fickle cycling critics.

Basso is a dreamcicle, true.

... but Jan is straight-up german mancake.

- - -

Oh sad day!

It looks as though there is something going weirdly with my faithful steel steed.

How many thousands of miles have you carried my weight, dear friend?

How many mountains flown over? curves carved through? lines sprinted for?

Perhaps it was the 13,000 bunny hops.

And so, I go in search of a cheapy-cheapy frame n' fork ... something close to the right geometry to finish out the season. 54.5cm top tube, 72 degree seat angle ... yeah right.

- sad, sad day -


Velo Bella said...


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i know, stole it from you ... just too good, though.

Nome Agusta said...

The Frayer is no more?
El Bummer!
That geo looked racey like, although I didn't care for the green

L. Christmas said...


54.5cm top tube...


but where do you find a 72 deg. seattube?

shawndoggy said...

could you just go to a shorter stem? the 72 deg. seat tube really makes the top tube effectively shorter, since to get the same knee over pedal relationship that you'd have with a 73 degree bike the saddle is farther forward.

I'd love to see you cleaning up on one of those $200 scatante rigs from supergo/performance. I think there are lots of 10% discount codes floating around out there too. That'd really be pretty sweet.

the Frayo is steel, tho... why not just walk her down to your frieldly custom builder and get a weld job?

(lover of the po man's deal)

diskzero said...

Second on trying to reweld it. Plus, you could paint it pink.

As for the Scattante/Leader/Taiwainese fab frames, they are pretty decent actually.

sticky said...

Man, my Tetra Custom has a 71 deg seat tube angle with a 55cm TT & it just sits in my office since my legs seem to hate me this season. Hell, if you were still in Reno I would just let you borrow for the rest of the season!

Velojuice said...

You could put OV on a huffy and that mofo would hum

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

See the beer belly on the mancake? No way he can go up the hills yet. Big question is how many lbs can you drop before the tour. Der Keiser ist der wunderlicht bomb!

Josh and Barb said...

Time for a Rock Lobster!