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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

mo' randomonia

It's like ... Wednesday already?

  1. i opted out of our local cycling organization's email snuff list (ncnca), but still get random emails from the server (only from Larry Nolan and Casey Kerrigan ... how weird is that?).

    So, I wander over to the web-version of the list archives and got a very cool read from CRC's Tad Borek. That dude rules. Anyway, there's some hulabullub from Lessy Earnest about the Wiesel junta and how much USAC blows ... oy.

    I mean ~ USAC does have some crap-filled policies and how can anyone not scratch heads at no-funding for World Championship riders ... but, Earnest strikes me as one of those three guys from the X-Files ... you know, the three conspiracy theorists geeks who bumbled around the periphery ... hey, wait a minute ~ weren't they right about some of those conspiracies, though?

    ... ah, fiction.

  2. e-mail servers that only allow 30megs of inbox storage ... suck.

    for people who don't maintain their mutherf'in e-accounts. why can't people use the delete button more often?

  3. there is only one reason to look forward to going to Bakersfield. Ok, there’s two … but one is actually legal.

  4. an all-women’s stage race this weekend. Me ‘n the boys are gonna be all dressed up in pink … getting’ our groove on while we, uh … ‘support’ them hotties while they race.

  5. mtb nationals on a sucky course only a couple hours away … or, roadie-scum nationals a continent away on courses that could be kick-ass.


    Taking all that time off work … I’d rather do it for something like a long trip goofin’ with my woman where we pedaled around for fun and leisure, not for entry fees and paper glories.

    hmm…must examine.

  6. computers with 256 megs of RAM … blow donkey.

  7. Popular Science is one scary mofo magazine.

    The future will hold reams upon reams of ethical dilemmas for us humanites. We will be able to birth, kill, record, control, burn, contaminate in ways and with devices not conceived of by our moral forefadders.

    We will be riding rudderless or, at the least, without compass and map.

    What will guide our decision making? Religion is the dim-witted bully slapping heads and flexing muscles in attempts at reigning in control. Politics is the schoolyard mob that watches the fight with sickened, yet titillated stomach flutters. Education is a scavenging bird that regurgitates to its blind and hungry young.

  8. Virus attack - all f'ing morning. sumbitch.

    We are soooo reliant on the internet now. Why? Because it's information access and transfer.

    That is what being human is ... information access and transfer.

    ... and bicycles.


Nome Agusta said...

Bicycles is spelled with capitol "B".
Happy lunch hour, we are doing Diablo tonight, pre-riding the upcoming North Gate TT course. Not that it helps me, it's just something to make me feel like we are riding for a purpose.

Tad is cool, but as a promoter I see the participants as customers. I hope the EMC/Vellum customer base is happy.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Kinda creeps me out when computers get the ghosties like that. Like they're playing favorites or something.

For the EMC course/race, I was definitely happy, had a great time in both races...still waiting on the quote big endquote part of my prize your fellas said would be mailed. If that's the biggest thing I can come up with, though, I'd say you did pretty good.

Merkeley Bike said...

and stout!

diskzero said...

computers with 256 megs of RAM … blow donkey.

What, they have you working with stone knives and bear skins over there?

Hick said...

Gmail my brotha Gmail........

2gigs fo free

I still have 96 invites if ya wanna step it up

I have crappy e-mails from a year ago still waiting to be deleted.

Velo Bella said...

Gmail sucks

its just awful

that stupid threading thing...

Hick said...

I love gmail

But you have to consider the source


Anonymous said...


Nome Agusta said...

bbelf, shoot me message off line with the specifics and I'll follow up for you.
Just pop the email from the website.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Sure, but really, I'm not's quite a minor thing (minor enough that I forgot until I saw your comment this AM, in fact). The race was fabu. I'll be back. Especially if Merkeley brings the stout!

X Bunny said...

3. what could possibly be illegal to do in the armpit of california that you couldn't do more easily somewhere closer?

4. you guys are going to be drunken useless fools, aren't you?

5. good point...we are waaaay overdue for one of those vacations for many vote is hereby officially registered

oh, see you tomorrow--when are you guys getting in?

shawndoggy said...

Bakersfield = Dwight Yoakam and Buck Owens.

It ain't all bad. Also consider stopping by Dewar's Candy (the corner of California Avenue and Eye Street -- it used to be a soda fountain type place, where your grandma could buy you a banana split that you could never hope to finish, but I don't know if they still have that kind of stuff). Get the Dewars Chews. The peanut butter ones don't get any better. Heaven wrapped in little wax papers.

When in Rome, man.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

xbunny - from what I understand, the answer to #3 is "meth"

X Bunny said...

i don't think that's it
you can do that anywhere in california

or so i hear

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

that's true, but it seems to be easier (and more bountiful) down there. again, from what i hear :)

shawndoggy said...

And don't forget about Rabobank Arena!

Or sheesh, there's a donkey basketball game on Saturday night... what better way to wind down....?

Velo Bella said...

considering that a meth lab blew up a mile or so from our house a while back...I don't think we need to go all the way to Bakersfield

I think it was a general thing because it sounds funny to write it.

Just like me writing that I tried to get lucky. When I really had already gotten lucky.

PAB said...


oh, and I really like the lone gunmen...

allisonkrasnow said...

Per #3:

Anyone out there wanna give a bit o' advice on how warming up for an am TT differs from warming up for pm TT #2?

X Bunny said...

i'm doing them the same

unless coach tells me differently before then

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

AlliK = first thing, I can pretty much gaurantee you that you won't want to warm up too vigorously for your PM TT.

you'll have the morning effort in your legs and will roll back on the sensations that you're 'already warmed up.'

my recommendation would be to try your best to break through that barrier. I do it with shorter (1 - 2min) intervals on the trainer. You won't need a ton of PM warm-up, but you will need to be sweating vigorously 10 minutes before your TT if you want to ride to your potential.

But, honestly, more important than the warmup, in my opinion, will be your start. Starting under control and well under your max TT pace for an uphill TT (especially one so long) is so key, in my opinion.

I always say that you can't win a TT in the first 2 minutes, but you sure as hell can lose it in a hurry. Don't overload your body in the first minutes of that TT. Just settle into a comfortable pace from the get-go and then up your effort as the miles go by.

pacing ... it's what's for dinner.

well, that probably didn't help at all.

alicat said...

Thanks OV.

If you see that I've lost it in the first 2 minutes, could ya wave a white flag or something so i can stop and have a beer with you?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

win, lose ... there's always beer.

yahoo, just can't wait
'cause me n' the boys
are gonna spectate,

and maybe toss back
a few ales of dark fat,

while them girlies sweat
under blazing sun
and skin red-peeled,
in that cowby dustardly town,
of bakers-field.

Velo Bella said...

yeehaw my silly cowboy