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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


random blatherings from a skewed mind ~

  1. If you don't know how kick-ass Colbert is ... the cause is lost. In front of the President, folks. Right in his fukkin face. Those are some big-ass brass balls.

  2. The morning commute slides past dudes sleeping under bridges ...

    The evening commute dodges gold-trimmed pleasure mobiles ...

    both depress me, equally.

  3. How can anyone not be agnostic? It is a belief, either to exist or not exist.

  4. Education. Basic mother-f'in education saves more lives, diminishes more suffering, brightens more eyes.

  5. No factory produced bike is going to be women's specific. None. A woman may get a factory built bike to fit her ... but that is just luck of the draw. Factory built bikes are made for mens' bodies ... it's just economics.

  6. Maricopa Posse to round up illegal immigrants. i wouldn't mind it if a big meteor landed on this guy while he was on the toilet.

  7. The vast majority of US citizens get all of their truth from a very small handful of sources.


    I have to think about that for a minute ... all of our news, all of our cultural icons and values, all of our perceptions of other countries ~ is filtered to us through, what ... 10 companies? 10 corporations control how we perceive the world.

    Television is our lead cup ... and i just don't know if I care.



Hick said...


VeloRainDog said...

7. BBC News

At least they have a government mandate to be impartial.

"Twelve Governors regulate the BBC, upholding standards and defending it from political and commercial pressures. They set its objectives and report on its performance in their Annual Report to licence payers and Parliament."

shawndoggy said...

what about the front page of the rgj today, which says that 2/3 of our young adults can't find Iraq on a map and 1/3 can't find Louisiana.


Groove Talking... said...

maybe you could take more time to see the beauty in the world. You see what you focus on.

X Bunny said...

there's really no reason to need to find louisiana

diskzero said...

How can anyone not be agnostic? It is a belief, either to exist or not exist.

I would even say "at least be agnostic." My coach once did say that he was convinced that we didn't exist, as we were going up Soda Springs Rd. My frozen nose and fingers tended to disagree.

PAB said...


Velo Bella said...

I get my info from the blogs that are linked on your page. Is that bad?

Hick said...


Ohhhh your in a world of trouble if thats the case.

lyne said...

Colbert is ballsalicious

Nome Agusta said...

I get my news and info from the Daily show, and sometimes Colbert.
Everything else is just a lie.

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