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Friday, May 26, 2006

blogger go wiggy-wog

oh well, let's try this again.


I always like to win, but if I don't work, I don't win. If I win, it's because I am good and I worked for it," Voigt told VeloNews. "To win like this, it wouldn't be a win. That's just not me. I cannot win like that.

awww, ain't he the cutest?

"I will never forget what Voigt did for me and one day I will pay him back," said Garate

- - -

In Ireland's 54th FBD Insurance Rás, T-CREF'er Danny Pate was leading the race for many a stage. In yesterday's TeamTimeTrial, he lost the jersey by a few milli's.

Today, he had a teammate (Friedman) finish 25 seconds ahead of his finishing group. Why? In Pate's group were all the main GC contenders. I don't understand why Friedman wouldn't be back in Pate's group, doing everything he could to protect his GC leader.

somebody 'splain that to me, real slow-like.

- - -

This weekend there are no hotels, no long drives ... just lil' jaunts over some hills for races that cause grinful pains and ribbon chasing. And, friendlies are getting their butts up for a night of celebrations and salutations.

Happy weekend everybody!


L. Christmas said...

Jens.. what a classy mo-fo!

Velojuice said...

good luck at Humbleton OV

Kevin said...

I hate it when I'm not right! :-)

I gotta give props to Jens for being a stand up guy.

diskzero said...

Jens is my hero. He animates every race and you can usually count on him for a vicious attack.

Did you see him chatting on the radio before the finish? I would love to listen in to that converstion.

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