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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So, USA Cycling emailed me some announcement that they have a few offices open for election-like activity. I looked over the form and there are spots available for "trustees" to be voted upon by the electorate (us).

Specific to us californicators (ugh...did i just refer to myself as a CA-ite?), i'm assuming the "Western Trustee" is what we'd be casting judgment upon.

Western Trustee?

Sounds like somebody who'd push a mop at a prison and smuggle cigs on the sly to the inmates. So, I thought - well, I should figure out what this Trustee will do for, I moseyed on over to the USAC website to investigate.


uhh ... can't find a description of the job. So then I do a search on the site for "trustee," which = 10 results that don't tell me a damn thing about what a Trustee does, only that Chris Lotts thinks USAC is a bunch of idiots.

ok ... then i check the USAC rulebook. They don't mention anything at all about what this Trustee does either.

Well for cryin' out loud, how am i suppose to vote for somebody if I have no idea what they'll do once they get there? For all i know, they really could be pushin' mops at Folsom prison and passin' porn through the bars to inmate 6775b.

Shit, i might as well run. I can do that.


PAB said...

So there it is.

A formal declaration of Ov's candidacy for trustee. (oh, I think it is a USA cycling board of directors position)

Actually, I was thinking of voting for him anyway as a write-in candidate.

But now that it is official, let's all vote for Olaf Vanderhoot!

X Bunny said...

would the bagboys get all the cigs and porn then?

Anonymous said...

Dooooode, c'mon man, who do you go to when you need this kinda stuff figured out?

Here's a link to the Bylaws of USA Cycling, Inc., which is a Colorado nonprofit if you are keeping score at home:

(Note: scroll down on the left side of the page to the "About USA Cycling" link)

According to the Bylaws, USAC is governed by a Board of Directors (not Trustees). But USAC is composed of composed of "The Associations of USA Cycling," one of which is the United States Cycling Federation. The "government and direction of each Association is committed to a Board of Trustees."

So that's where the Trustees come in... they are essentially the directors of the pee-on associations that make up USAC. Methinks you got a notice that there's an opening at USCF, not USAC.


Anonymous said...

Or I coulda just looked a the notice:

2006 elections to get underway

2006 USA Cycling Election Information

The 2006 election process is about to get underway. Information concerning elections can be found here on the USA Cycling website. Nomination notices are posted and must be returned to USA Cycling by June 1st. The following positions are up for re-election:

USCF – 1 Eastern Trustee, 1 Central Trustee, 1 Western Trustee


Oh yeah, for duties of the trustees, see:
(these are the USCF Bylaws).

You should run, seriously. In fact, if you don't, maybe I'll start a write in campaign for Olaf Vanderhoot...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

aach ... should have known that the SGP would belly up to the BAR and spew out the answers.

i just wish i could understand half of what he scribbled.

well, guess i'll have to peruse them bylaws myself and try and figure out what this Trusturd person actually does.

at the moment though, all i can think about is how I need it to stop raining for at least a few minutes so i can scoot out the door after work and get some riding in. no way i wanna get on that trainer again.

it about killed me & VB last nite.

Chico Cyclist said...

Dude, you got my vote......

Hick said...


I'm confused, I know normal.

First off I'm losted on the trustee issue.......

Second, I got SUNBURNED to a crisp today. Are you sure its raining over there?

MS :)

X Bunny said...

just hold out a few more days
they say the sun is coming out....

and no one feels sorry about your sunburn, ms

Hick said...

I know bunny, I know.

Teasing OV will only earn me the karma to get skin cancer and die before copperopolis.

OR, keep me in a suspended level of Hell, or Fresno. They are very similar.


Nome Agusta said...

You can have my vote for the price of two cartons and a bottle of 2 buck chuck.

Scratch that, I'll just vote for you anyway