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Thursday, April 20, 2006

that's some cold-blooded shit

VelosNews has this pic up of Baldwin gettin' shunned by the masses in favor of gawkin' at Floyd-Rock.

Man ... you don't need to be seein' that crap up on the big screen, yo. Ah well ~ what'ya gonna do.

The TT is such a brutal endeavor. It's a zillion-watt explosion of light, freezing a moment in time forever. But, it's just a snapshot of a certain day, painted with certain colors. And those things change.

So, whether you're brushed a brilliant golden or shaded dark and blurred ~ remember, it's just a frozen blink in time. The story continues.



ginmtb said...

Yeah but that's how it is for most of the riders, right? You know, the 80/20 rule.

Little_Jewford said...

can you say "tour DEY france" big time as the tour of G, tour of C or a few other domestic races have become your "average" fan only knows the riders who have been in the big show, and more often then not only those that have placed in the top 10 (or maybe have worn the yellow jersey) .... I'm suprised floyd or baldwin would get much of a crowd, neither one has dated a pop star...