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Thursday, April 13, 2006

a sky full of beauty

These are the days for dreaming,
letting the mind loose ~

to wander where it will and savor soft spots dwelled upon.

These are the days for singing,
letting the voice carry ~

through leaves and trees, buzzing bumbily.

These are the days for spinning,
letting the body drink ~

the longed for sun, the rejuvinated air, your freedom.


X Bunny said...

i can't believe that after all the snow melted, we have cute little perky daffodils

spring comes
no matter what

Brent Chapman said...

yes.. its beer-thirty!
beach chairs and booze!

Groove Talking... said...

Well, that is a lovely post! I was glad to see the sun today as well, and so was my garden.

Nome Agusta said...

I thought that said "a skull full of beauty" at first glance.