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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

sayed what?

Throwin' out the word to a brutha with sumthin' wicked of wit and reckless o' spirit.

There are tests of will that truly give pause,
and call me to step up and sing out admiration.

What i learned tonite has nothing to do with bike or job or places of honor in this tincan alley world of ours.

What i learned was a man learning to be a man ~

and i am the better for knowing of it.


Chico Cyclist said...


Jed said: said...

Jeezus. This person must be one helluva fella.

Hick said...

There was a day when a Man being a Man was expected, now its so rare its respected.

X Bunny said...


but what i really want to see is a man learning to be a woman

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

uh ... that would be all us schmoopers, i reckon.

PAB said...

I think we all need to learn to be cows....


X Bunny said...

i'll buy that

X Bunny said...

your comment got put in before mine
but i'll buy that
to both of you

Nome Agusta said...

Moo = Lost in translation.
(Actually, I am just plain lost)