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Monday, April 24, 2006


i'm getting spoiled.

racing in the geezer squads, we all take it for shits'n'giggles ... but, at the same time, toss back pints of pain like there's no tomorrow.

yesterday I slotted into a prosey crit for the first time in over a month and got a taste of sweaty-sour in the pus. The racing was good n' fast, with enough attacking to keep it fun and frantic. And, we BagBoys road a fair bit well, placing riders in breaks throughout the circles and even tossing da'Bennet up there in the sprint.

butt ... i'm getting a wee bit crotchety when it comes to dealing with uber-snots thinking they need to take a bike race like it's the end of their egos. Come'on, kids ... it's just playtime.

Anyway, with 4 to go, I figured the break with WholeBerg was gone and gone. But, RHVilla put in a nice little chase and then the Lombardi 'tards threw a couple thugs at it, too ... And, lo, it looked like it was going to come back a bit.

I was floating around near the front trying to get Deany or MikeMa on my wheel for a leadout when I saw DanO in a perfect spot. I gave him the order to put in an acceleration and all of a sudden, poof, there we were ~ on the front with a lap to go. Perfect job, Taz.

Now, I had no legs for a sprint ~ but, if somebody was going to keep it ballistic to the line, I wasn't going to turn my nose up at a chance to put in a couple leg turns in the final few meters. Truth is, i've won a field sprint, or two in my day ... but, don't take much stock in letting races come down to that action.

Anyway, DanO had me perfectly placed as we were approaching the final turn ... but, the Lombardi boys ran out of poop and it was a pause, reshuffle, swarm sprint. Now, I was satisfied going for a possible win if it was a drag-out full gasser to the line ... but, when the bumping and jumping started to happen, i just didn't have the legs to shove through the wind and into the masses. So, I sat my butt back down and made my way out of the way as best i could for the rest of the schmo's finishing.

And, wouldn't you know it ~ pretty boy two wants to spit at me for getting in his line ... for 23rd.

shut the fuck up, junior. you ain't in the race.


Dr. X said...

Actual spittle?!? At least he didn't pile drive ya.

Gianni said...

That was more fun at a crit than I've had in a long time. When people aren't content to ride around in circles until 300 to go, it makes life way more interesting.
Nice actually meeting you as well, thanks for marshaling!

Jed said: said...

nice rant/report.

This is what I've waited all weekend for.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

report comes later.

btw, custom vb bartape. won't that be the gayest?

i can't wait.

Brent Chapman said...

go team gay!

X Bunny said...

so will you have vb and safeboy tape each on one bar?

Nome Agusta said...

That's just all kinds of wrong.

Jed said: said...

we have a bartape sponsor.

But thanks.

don't get any ideas chapman!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

this ain't sponsorship.

this is a product some might want to buy.

and it's sooo gay.

like me.

Jed said: said...

That's so hot.

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

LOL ... why didn't Taz just drop everyone and go by himself... never seems to be a problem for him in other races ;)

Velo Bella said...

we have a bartape sponsor?

Velojuice said...

I saw the bagboy team tape thurs on Roger rabbit's rig, nice touch. hee hee. I am just jealous

Chico Cyclist said...

I love the Safeway tape! Tripped me out the first time I was seeing it though - thought I was imagining it. How could it be real???

Man, that sux about the spitter in your race. I'll never understand that stuff going on. Sounds like that dude needs a taste of Prozac.