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Friday, April 28, 2006

friday stumblings

Tonite, chores must be attended to.

you know what i'm talkin' about, racer-types.

  1. Laundry - 2 loads of spandex, 1 load of work clothes, 1 load of ... sheets
  2. Bike prep - mtb V-brakes squealing is absolutely unacceptable. That shits gotta be shotgunned.

    Why in the world would anyone make a rear suspension shock without a lock-out?

    chains ... dropped in degreaser and scrubbed clean as a baby's buttom.

    31 mile mtb race = camelback.

    Jimmy's or Nobby Nic? Schwalbe makes some badass tread, yo.

    BikeLust ... my favorite Pedro's product.

    Gus, Gels, the squirts.
  3. Bathroom - gotta be cleaned at some point. yeah ... next week (again).
  4. Sputnik ... why bother? That poor bastard has Otter-mud still caked in its ears.
  5. dinner ~ at some point.
  6. Contractor's comin' ... oh boy.
  7. emails, blogs, surfin', sex.

There's just too much life for 24 hours.


Jed said: said...


X Bunny said...

vacuuming up more dead ants that i found


keeping pab from overdoing it
i think he's worse than i am at resting now

forget #3
i will not clean a bathroom until it's the new house

very little time for #7...

we'll miss you guys
and your tent

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

crap ... shoulda sent that tent with you guys last week.

oops. my bad.

X Bunny said...

we didn't think of it until the 'burb was completely packed


PAB said...

oooh, the tent woulda been great in Madera.

Maybe we'll have to make a trip to their local Mal-Wart.

You guys have fun gettin dirty! We'll miss ya!

Nome Agusta said...

#8. Vino

Gotta have the Vino.

BTW: We have 15 bottles of some kick ass Red for the crit next week. Just be prepared to take a photo with the bottle.

Entropy had a wine tasting last nigh in Livertown. Groovy and I went over all groovy like and got a bit. A little Movedra, Old Vine 2002 Zin, New Vine 2003 Zin(fruitier, yummy), and a Cab/Merlot straight from the barrel. The first 3 mentioned are on the prize list.

Velo Bella said...

Do those wines have screw tops? We like the ones with screw tops.

Nome Agusta said...

Only a screw tops like screw tops.

Actually, I have no idea what I just said. It just sounded funny.

No me Gusta, de screw tops.