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Friday, April 21, 2006

dunno, man ... dunno

so, where i work ~ we try to help people out of misery, better their health, promote an individual's rights ... do good work, ya?

but, these people are thousands of miles away. I'll never meet them, never see them, never hear their voices or touch hands. They are worlds away. Worlds away.


Outside my office, there is a steady stream of folks ~ destitute, disheveled, counting days until ...

And, yeah, this big 'ole catholic church we lease our offices from offers up food and clothing and a white man's recipe for solice.

While I sit in my warm chair, hacking out a travel policy to supply limo service for a sub-Saharan parlimentarian who visits for 'leadership training.'

- - -

i'm goin' back to bike racin'.

- - -

We are so rich. So very, very rich.

We are so cruel. So very, very cruel.

We try to love. We try, we try, why try.

Devils know no boundaries.


Velo Bella said...

and women's reproductive rights in our own rich cruel country are now in danger

I'm going bike racing too

and spending quiet time with you

both help

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sign my ass up

Jed said: said...

Commie hippie.

That's a nice thing about the catholic church, well...some churches. My church let's the homeless hang out in the pews, serves meals every day, it's awesome.

X Bunny said...

the catholic church
don't even get me started there
where's my bike?

Jed said: said...

Don't blame the Church.

Blame the people.

Velo Bella said...

isn't it the other way around?

And see comment #1 for one reason why the catholic church can kiss my pagan bootie.

Jed said: said...

No, there's people in the Church who make it bad...the principles of the Church itself are VERY Leftist...and the whole abortion debate is again, debateable on it's is priesthood, etc.

I'm speaking of principles...inclusiveness, helping out those in the Community, etc.

Then again, i'm a member of the Church.

PAB said...

I think it may be time for some cheese.

and probably a moo.


Ov, change is difficult and slow. The work you are doing is good. You know that.

And someday you just might meet some of those people...

Velo Bella said...

Then you are speaking beyond the organization of the church, but of the underlying principles of christianity. And those are so quickly forgotten when organizations begin their quests for power.

The pope is considered infallible.

His views represent the views of the church without question or debate.


Jed said: said...

I dunno who considers the pope infallible. Even he asks for forgiveness, and is a self-professed sinner.

Going to a Catholic university I was a part of much debate regarding Pope J.P. and former popes. Heck my thesis was against a saint...thomas aquinas, from whom most moral philosophy flows.

P.S. "Catholic" and "Christian" mean the same thing and are derived from the same root.

Nome Agusta said...

One of the first things we were taught when learning Reiki (uh oh, here goes NA on the that mumbo jumbo again) is that for a benefit to be lasting to the reciever, there must be an exchange of energy (money, trade, whatever). The founder of Reiki tried to offer healing for free to the homeless and mentally ill. People got better, but the results were short lived because they had no value in the work they recieved. It wasn't long before they returned to their old patterns and were back on the streets.

Be careful not to get stuck in the victim mentality. There are no victims in life, only choices.
Even my son who is dependant on us for every basic function in life chose his path. He chose the mother that would aid him in his life experience. He chose well.

VB, I am with you. It's your body, it's your choice.

Velo Bella said...

Its called Papal Infallibility. But the Roman Catholic church applies the concept to the entire church. That is, they cannot err in matters of faith. They are always right.

The pope himself, as an individual, is considered infallible, whenever he is speaking in his official capacity as the "pastor and teacher" of all Christians in defining matters of morals and faith.

So when the pope and vatican says that Yoga is a cult, there is no debate. It is true.

When the pope and vatican claims that homosexuality is an intrinsicly moral evil act, even when not acted upon, there is no debate, it is true.

8 years of catholic school, and confirmation classes, and a father who dedicated the last 5 years of his life to the Catholic church, has taught me more than I care to know.


Nome Agusta said...

The pope is just another human being. It is human beings that gave him the power. When he returns to source he will be no more or less significant than any other.

Let him play his charade, I just watch in amusement.

X Bunny said...

yes, people give him his power

and it would be just amusing if he wasn't responsible for much of women's poverty in the world

i am with you vb
i was way active in the church up to a certain age when i realized that as a woman i had no value as a person to them and after that they had no value to me

and pab would like to add another moo

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

There are no victims in life, only choices.

that, i'm afraid ... is utter bullshit.

a 12 year-old girl who has her vagina sewn shut, leaving a pinch-hole for urination, so that when a man marries her he can be assured she is a virgin - that is a victim.

oh, and did i mention he cuts her open once the marriage is to be consumated?

children born into war and famine and disease - that is no choice. that is the reality of life. we choose to better it, make it worse, or ignore it.

but make no bones about it - there are victims in this world. choosing your birth? i'm sorry, but your belief system is ... just that ~ a belief.

believe your way out of a hammer smashed into your face. believe your way out of starvation. believe your way out of a disease eating your skin, blinding you, burning you from inside.

how many thousands of people, right this very second, are walking around nothern africa dismembered.

dismembered, brother.

how many iraqi's are dead, homeless, living in squalid fear because of an unjust, immoral invasion of their country by our government?

that ain't no choice. that's being a victim of man's greed, man's ignorance, man's evil.

belief will not stop them. choosing to act will.

belief ... is nothing to me.

Nome Agusta said...

I won't (can't) deny that are things happening in this World that are horrific. But you are judgeing all of those experiences from your physical human perspective. It's obvious that you have a huge level of compassion (note the word passion exists within that word). That is the path you chose, it's your purpose and a noble one.
At the same time, because you are entrenched very deeply into the things you see, you are unable to see anything outside of what is right in front of you. Loss of peripheral due to proximatey of the issue. Much like stuffing your nose into a book so that all they you see is the words on the page.
This is an important feature of your personality, it aids in the focus of your work. But, it does not change the fact that each and every person on Earth chose the experiences prior to birth.
That is not something I believe, it is something my son taught me.
Perhaps sometime you will have an opportunity to spend a moment with him, then you may understand.

BTW: Check my BLOG, there is a little shout out to VB that emulates my perspective.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

But, it does not change the fact that each and every person on Earth chose the experiences prior to birth.

how is that not a belief, Ron? You are believing that a choice occurred before birth. That is like me believing that after i die, i will go to a heaven. belief, not fact.

i don't discount or dishonor the huge impact your son has had on you and your wife's life. but how does that experience make it a 'fact that each person on earth chose the experience prior to birth?'

that is flawed logic, Ron.

The way you love your son ... that is a choice you and your wife make. In another country, another time, others might have made different choices. your son is lucky and you make the world a better place for your choice to love him like you do.

Nome Agusta said...

I can't make you see what I see. So for you it may remain a "belief".

For me, it is a knowing.

And those two differences are all good in my book.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Jed said: said...

Wow, then again, I disagree with most all of you.

But then again, we all have to be a LITTLE out there seeing as we're posting on a message board blog for godssakes.

PS: Getting all emotional is SOOOOO gay.

Nome Agusta said...

Jed, don't be a knuckle dragger. The World is short on band aids.

Knuckle Dragger = afraid to emote

Emotion = Passion with flava

Jed said: said...


Velo Bella said...

me an oV are gonna do some emote'n tonight

Nome Agusta said...


Jed said: said...


PAB said...

careful jed, he's small but viscious...

Jed said: said...

like a wolverine?

Don't make me come up there and beat ur ass too old man.

Velo Bella said...

you boys knock it off or I'm gonna schmoop up the place

X Bunny said...

i vote for schmoop

Nome Agusta said...

He's got huge, sharp-- eh-- he can leap about-- look at the bones!

PAB said...


if I interpret "jed speak" correctly...

me luvs u too, man

Jed said: said...

Plenty of schmoop to go aroudn.

Velojuice said...

All we have to stand on are our actions. Beliefs are a product of thought, thought = ego, ego =past and justifying the need to make everyone else that is different wrong. Sorry for the digression, back to your regularly programmed schmoop.

Groove Talking... said...

we all chose our role to play, whether we remember it or not. There is a reason for each cercumstance that exists here on earth.

Just because you do not understand something, does not mean that it is incorrect, it just means that you do not understand in this moment the meaning of what you are witnessing.