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Saturday, April 15, 2006


DanO won our geezer race. He pounded himself up to the break that had FlyBoy Kyle doing big work. Dan ran himself through the break on the main climb and went on to win the day. Kyle dug deep and stuck out a fine and dandy 3rd.

We were very, very pleased.

Our boys were under pressure from the get-go but we came through with 3 bagboys in the top 10. That's coolio, yo.

I was pretty impressed with our field today ~ lots of hammerheads throwin' down and racin' bull-size. We did our job, they did theirs ... good clean fun.

right on, baby.


Josh and Barb said...

Not bad! That Dan-o is a badass, he done won that race and then helped push Big Red out of the mud when he was done! That crazy canuck!

Hick said...

Dan was crushing today, nice job eh!

You bastards set a trap that I had to go JUMP in with both feet.

Oh well, I'd rather race big and die tryin.

Most of all it was a damn fun race.

Hats off to the BagBoys for doin it right and havin fun.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

it were fun and you did race big, sassy. it has been too good a time to pass up these past coupla months.

right on, baby.

DJ Snead ~ Big Red out o' the mud? details baby.

L. Christmas said...

good to meet you out there man!.. on my solo, 'senic' lap, i got to see all the fun in your group on that really long flat staight... 1st the break, then a huge gap (they kept looking back to see where the pack was).. then the rest of ya'll... flyin'!
great job!


Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

ay caramba, can you guys slow down just a little bit on the hills so I can get over with y'all. Jer killin me. Chased back on with Reed and another Bagger once but I was done after that and still 1 lap to go. I'm thinking it's time to return to inline hockey!!

Hick said...

I read about BIG RED.


That thing was FULLY loaded.

Bummmer about the mud-drags though.

Geezers racing = good times.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Now I've got to be on the look out for Big Red. Gettin' me hot just thinking about it.

Yeah, nice meetin' you L. You shoulda brought sumadat MooseDrool, though. I think we all needed a sip or three after that sufferfest.

and double-yeah about that geezer race bein' hard and fun. That was just a blast'orama, KM. Smaller field, lots of horsepower = kill zone.

fun ... but, i'm sore. see you at Wente.

Nome Agusta said...

Man, I was paying into the pain bank big time.

I don't know about fun, but it is cool turing a PB on that damn course.

Lothar Glerbny said...

i can't believe how close ms and company were. you guys put on a good show back there. as we approached the last climb we kept looking back. we thought it wuz in the bag for sure. at the bottom of the descent working but not too hard, trying to figure out who had legs and who was gonna go first. then, all the sudden there's a morgan guy, d'alusio, turning our cozy little threesome into a foursome again. and he played it all cool too. sat back there and waited for metcalf to jump and came around us within 50m of the finish with a cheery "Thanks Guys". yeah, we'll see...i got some thanks for him next time. then i had hardly finished and here comes mcsassy and a slew of other hammers. a little more cat and mouse and it would have been a dirty dozen duking it out for second instead of just four. great racing guys!

Reed Maxwell said...

K.P.- Thanks again for the "teamwork" catching back on that was some hard work. I'm really glad nobody got all stupid about it either, esp when we got close.

MS- good gawd that 3rd climb was suffering. Good suffering? not sure. You guys drilled it on the flats too, McG and I were in sight of you guys for a while going pretty hard but it was not to be... see you all at Wente, happy recovery!

Hick said...

A lil post script.


Crazy sore. Gawd!

I was paying for the effort today, so I drank a bottle of wine. Not sure how much that helped but I was happy.

Good fun always.

You guys worked it, be proud.


PAB said...

mcSassy = class act

as are all my Safeway mates. Great job, one and all.

Can't wait to be back out with you next weekend

Kevin said...

Things seemed all hunky dory on the last lap until Dan went by. Pretty fast I might add. We figured the three of us could chase him down pretty easy once we got to the top. Apparantly, Dan didn't get the memo...

Good ride.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

metcalf = beast