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Monday, March 06, 2006

yummy n' not-so-yummy

da PAB is gettin' some sweet Bella lovin on the McLane podium.

lucky bastard.

- - -

n' then there's poor mcSassy ...
... gettin it in the rear from a crash-alicious 2'sey race later that day.

McInsane entry fee = $30

Skinsuit replacement = $80

sweet booty shot = priceless


Mc'AgonyofDefeat'Sassy said...

I'm happy to see the PAB get his podium love, we were teamseys once.

But I wouldn't wish this ButtBurger on even my worst enemy.(like I have one)

On an up note I did get two ladies to take my supersuit off and go to work fixen up the money maker. Lora says thats the closest I'm ever getting to any 3 way love soooo, I'll take it!

Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

Chico Cyclist said...

Awesome man!!! Bummer way to get it though.....

PAB said...

thanx McSass, sorry you ruined the skinsuit.

Glad you can see the bright side of things....still, I'll take my three-way over yours anyday! (even though there was no clothing removal involved and they put antennas on my head...)

Mc'AgonyofDefeat'Sassy said...


I would have rather been in your shoes even with the headgear.

At least they were antennas instead of a Tiara.

X Bunny said...

i wish the picture had been a little clearer to show the antennas better

and you loved having those things on your head

although i know you liked the heart tattoo better

Velo Bella said...


PAB said...

You know, it is sort of WEIRD attention that I/we get...

But any attention is good attention, right?

We'll take it.

McSassAfrass said...


Those links made my butt hurt less, thanks.

Attention Whores FoSHo.

Just keep your distance with the Glitter action. The WifeyPoo would NEVER belive I got all the striper dust on me at a bike race.

I would get her into riding with the Bella Babes but she say's she is all done racing. She would be perfect for the Glitter & schmoop though.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

mcSassyFemme will be Bella recruited poste haste.

racing is but a small part of the Bella-fication.

and now ... glitter is all over Sassy's assey.

it's the BagBoy anti-crash mojo. sorry, can't tell you what super-powers the hearty-tats give us.

that's proprietary.

Msassy said...

SassyLaFemme will around all 3 days this weekend for spoilage if you all come to Fres-no.

Tell VB I have a VERY good friend who OWNS a GLITTER company.

And if it stops a'crashin I'll swim in it.

X Bunny said...

i'll be available for glitter for the asking this weekend...