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Thursday, March 23, 2006

why does velonews online suck so bad?

yeah ... i'm biased.

I really think that an online version of that rag should focus more on regional racing. There are dozens and dozens of folks around the country who could serve as regional feeds for content. And, it's not like there aren't a crap load of fotos out there to choose from.


it just seems to me that highlighting regional racing on a site that has as much traffic as veloclueless would do more for sponsor generation and sport promotion than listing what euro-dweeb tested positive at what race. I mean, i love reading about my euro boys and girls ... but, that's why i go to cyclingnews. They do it better than VN ever could.

stupid colorado-cycling-mafia.

still ... i have to check them out, don't I? me = addict.


VeloRainDog said...

even if they're not going to focus on the regional action, even mentioning it would be nice.

Josh and Barb said...

I pretty much hate Velonews online. They seem to make a point of never posting full results, which I think is weak. Seriously, somebody over there should tune into once in a while to see just how aff the pace VN really is.

ginmtb said...

That's because they want people to get a subscription to their paper copy - that's where their revenues are coming from. Little teasers and tid bits in the online version, just enough for you to want more so hopefully you subscribe. Lame but money talks (and rocks)

Jed said: said...

They did an awesome job including VB-K in their upcoming season preview.

Oh, wait.

Chris said...

In NYC we do it ourselves. With all the energy and time you guys put into your blogs (which are really good, by theway) you could set up a communal blog to document your races and results.

Chico Cyclist said...

I'm all for the blog can I get it started????

Benjaminiac said...

if velonews did regional coverage, it'd be all about who just won the boulder wednesday worlds, and no much else.

i very much like the blog, take it into your own hands approach. if you have 10 riders who give reports every now and again, the coverage would be pretty thorough. and the insider info would be worth coming back for.

i nominate gin to handle things. cuz he's the blog master.

Velojuice said...

Well I must say that I feel a little ahead of the curve, cause on my page I have had the VN sucks thing going on for a while. It is nice to have some glossy reading material while you do your buisiness, but my laptop goes there as well, if needed. I refuse to subscribe to them, they have been kicking 'cross to the curb for a long time anyway. cyclingnews is the best for the big (and not so big) stuff. But I agree blogs are the regional way to go. Plus there more fun to read.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

after reading his latest blog ... and now this comment about takin' his laptop to the bidness room ~ remind me never to shake yo' hand, VJ.


- - -

As for the communal blog ... hmmm, da'Funkmeister does a bit of that with his cyclocross bloggie-log.

As in all things - it is time, effort, n' money.

damn capitalism.

~ more thinkin' needed on da subject. gracias para input.

ginmtb said...

Gol dang you guys - as if I don't already spend enough time on websites, blogging, etc. Here is something I started working on for TWW (and I think will actually not use), but this could easily be made into a communal blog:

test site

Anyone can post to the site (I would be the moderator but I'm not going to take the time to read everyone's posts so I'm sure I'd approve them all). Your post could simply be a link to your blog post if you don't want to post a report here - no sense double posting. Consider this a regional hub for race reports/results.

Any thoughts for a name? NorCal Cycling Noos? If this ever turns into anything bigger, we could always get a domain name - they're only a few dollars on

Oh and I would dress this thing up big time to properly represent Northern California bike racing.

ginmtb said...

Okay, check it out beotch:

I hijacked some reports from blogs - very simple - just copy and paste link. Insert photo (optional). D-U-N.

Now probably should get a domain name - but in the mean time spread the word. Word.