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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

what'ya mean this don't count?

It's not that i get grumpy when not on the bike for 4 days ... it's just that i shouldn't be around other people.

I know she'll forgive me for my sins, though.

... that's the beauty of ~


... lord i miss her.

- - -

McSnelling - we ended up winning another race. Yippee for us geezers. Hoss won it clean-like with a perfectly timed sprint. I was pretty useless as a leadout man ... so, ended up making friends by gesticulating like an a-hole.

but ... what can i say -

i like it when my bud brings home the sweet stuff.

i'm hoping the Safeway honcho wants to buy this

For the record, we did the Merced crit the next day and got flat-out whooped by everybody but the kids in the yellow bus. It was a short race and viciously agressive. In fact, i think the mood of the pack might have been a bit on the agro-side, actually. All good ... until somebody looses an eye. Somebody almost did.

Back in the 20-somethings in the pack (and on the final lap) somebody did something silly and there was a nasty little pile up. Shawnee O planted his nose into a wall and Stanny T about did the same. We were very, very lucky neither had serious head or neck injuries ... though there were 3 different shades of red on the ground around that crash site - and a man-size bit of cloudy cerebellums, too. Concussed is such a killer word for such a shitty thing to have happen to you.

Sabine was awesome and grabbed Sputnik to take Shawnee to the fine Merced ER. [note to self: never get injured anywhere south of Stockton ... that shit was scary]. Seeing Shawnee in that crapfest ER triage with a noseful of capillaries and another cat's life notched off the belt ... i had me one of those 'moments of clarity.'

Avoidable crashes make me quite ... frustrated. And riders who intentionally endanger us all ... need to be expelled from the game.

yup ... think that's a good idea.


Chico Cyclist said...

4 days??!! Ouch man. That would suck!

Yeah, I agree with booting stuff....or relegate them back to the 4s or something to get some more practice. But the stupid stuff in racing is just.....stupid.

Nome Agusta said...

There are always moments in a race, sometimes many, that we are given the choice to risk something for the VP t-shirt, or keep our skin. After the last corner at Senlling I had this glorius bit of open real estate on the left, legs to go, and that feeling like you had been handed a rare gift. As I got almost to the front a rider popped out and trespassed on my land. Choice, squeeze through and risk taking 15 people down, or bag it.
Bagged it! Safety first, shop rags are cheap.

Chico Cyclist said...

Smart, definitely smart.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"Choice, squeeze through and risk taking 15 people down, or bag it."

... exactly.

I don't mind people risking their own necks ... hell, i'm into scaring my ballhairs straight as much as the next yahoo ... but, and this is a HUGE BUT - causing another person to be injured is just not acceptable.

Errors are ... just that, errors. However, when dangerous behavior is chronic and has been warned multiple, multiple times ... there's only one option.

out to pasture.

Anonymous said...


YOur man S.Fon seems to be doing stupid stuff every weekend!

Punching, shoving and threatending Oh MY!

Jaws said...

There are always choices.

I make some good ones and some ummmmmmm not so good.

I try to make more good ones though.

One REALY bad one was putting on my super suit for the Merced P/1/2 Crit. I even told OV before the the race "I'm suppost to know better"

Rode 13 laps, when on that lap there were 3 seperate crashes and Dino Lebergo goes down riding strit down the road with 4 other guys its time for the White Flag.

OVer Out watch the fun from the side of the road.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah ... but you looked good doing it, baby.

Nome Agusta said...

Anonymous, It's disturbing and dissapointing at best.

PAB said...

you know Ov, I think I have finally decided.

blogs are good.

X Bunny said...

i see what you mean

Jed said...

WAY too much SCHMOOOP on this website.

I'm Audi 5000, G.

X Bunny said...

i guess i shouldn't admit i worked in that crapfest-ER

but it was waaaaay better back then

as long as i had had some sleep that day