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Friday, March 10, 2006

one word

ain't gonna do justice.

oh, and did i hear that bunny's gonna get herself in a crit next weekend?


bella train on the rise.


Jed said...

Suzy MUST be talked into this.

She thinks she's outta form and doesn't think she can race the crit "for fun".

Radical steps must be taken.

ginmtb said...

Dude your blog is becoming one of my favs... reduce the schmoop and it shoots to the top.

Velo Bella said...

now I am getting annoyed.

Except for the GoBunnyGo part.

Brent Chapman said...

You know... I saw a show on TV on how to cook a turkey in your dishwasher for a low fat meal and easy clean up.

Reed Maxwell said...

too funny!! thanks for the laugh, see you Sunday?

X Bunny said...

thanks for the encouragement, and letting me do this quietly

my consultant suggested this might be a good crit to try

so if it doesn't rain (as the consultant said it's not a good crit to do in the rain)i intend to give it a go

and in my reality, it will be a sunny day

and as long as certain other annoying alternate realities intersecting with mine don't cause any implosions

i have to admit that i am looking forward, not without trepidation, to trying a crit

get the soap, i need to wash my mouth out

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