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Monday, March 20, 2006

one busy ass weekend

just got back to a cpu after a long weekend of racing. not being online for work is ... weird. have to see about that.

coolness i saw this weekend:

suzyQ diggin' up the courage to race after months off the bike.

jed said diggin' himself a hole w' that sassy-ass mouth o' his.

bunnyX doin' her first crit ... ever. then ridin' full gas in an epic, wind-swept all-category road race. killer.

my Bella workin' her butt off for her kick-ass teammates at same said roadie-race.

meeting Chico cyclist and his uber-cool wife ... dude's back racing after years n' years off the bike. that's gawdamn courage, too.

riding in the wake of da' Pazcuzzi as he bit into Zamora like a rabid dog.

laughin' like 12-year olds w/ PAB on the way to same said roadie-race. we're such dorks.

drinkin' bottles o' wine won from a weekend of primes and overalls.

findin' out about two new bloggie-blogs:

jed said


DJ Snead and the Barbarella.

yeah, babay.


Chico Cyclist said...

Awesome job out there OV - as you can probably imagine, I'm thinking Tuesday sprints might be better training than what I do now on Tuesdays......watching Tour de France videos on how to sprint.

And man, I dig the bike - that thing has got soul to it.

Msassy said...


If you hadn't drank all the wine I would have traded you the Uber Cool Pink bar tape I won at Visalia.

Primes are cool and winning them is good.


X Bunny said...

pink bar tape--i need some o'that

much better than that cab you won

Msassy said...


But my 6year old MiniLaFemme claimed it already.

I was thinking it would have been perfect with OV's socks.

Oh well.

X Bunny said...

i suggested pink for their jerseys when they were designing them and he (and the whole team really)had some colorful words about how he felt about that

now he seems pretty happy with pink

Benjaminiac said...

hey mike, you need to get one of those take anywhere web gaggits like a sidekick or something, i've been used to 17 posts a day and it's quite dull without my steady stream of poetry, shmoop and bike porn.

that, or get another "job" where you don't have to work so much.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

chico - thanks for the cheerin', yo. and, thanks for reminding me to get out for mo' sprintys.

mSassy - we're so hittin' up the vino next weekend. ditch the blueboys for a night and bring the woman out for eats with us.

bunnyX - don't you dare get rid of the pinko helmet. stay true, baby. and though i luvs the pink socks, anymore on my body and i'll probably get laughed out of the peloton.
...oh wait, that happens already. hmmm ~ i sense a design change for next year.

bjm - waaay ahead of you, brudda. changed the job and have finally gotten back to my non-profit social services roots. me = happy.

But, you do have to let me know when you're gonna be runnin' solo against the other kids in the hall, ala visalia. That just makes my teeth grind. The wheel is yours.

Mc'I LOVE VINO'Sassy said...


Hitten up the Vino, Hmmmmm

I'll be doing to Orosci RR and Hanford crit. Ifen your commin to do those and drinkin some grapes I'm in.

LaFemme will get a baby sitter for sure to have a night out with Adults. Oh crap, well I wont mention we are goin with the BagBoys : )


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sat night eats n' drinks in Visalia - you available or is that too far away?

the mail is pedalhome at the hotstuff.
lemme know.