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Thursday, March 30, 2006

mornins mit' migo

straight up, i've always been a desert dweller.

even when cooped up in the cities, or tinkerin' through the mountains ... home has always been the sun-blasted landscapes, the wide and desolate skylines without hint of cloud or wasted drop of moisture.

i've always been dry.

and now ~ I'm surrounded by huge, ever-aging trees with continual flows of water and trickles of green and ... life. It's takin' some getting used to.

One of my teachers has been a goofy-chuck beast of a canine who sleeps most the hours and does the occassional jaunt of mischief if you're not lookin'.

He kicks ass.

I've fallen into the habit of joining him out on morning strolls through the trees and mudbanks of overly wet Santa Cruz ... and, he has learnt me a thing, or two about what it is to enjoy where you're at, when you're at ~ sniffin' all that floats across the wind and soakin' in the company of any lucky enough to come across.

he's cool.

... but damn - that breath stinks.


X Bunny said...

dogs have got enjoying life down

but sometimes they need their teeth brushed too

PAB said...

this post made me smile, bigtime.

and miss our doggies, even their stinky breath.

X Bunny said...


Miss Mary said...

i miss sienna, sigh

Velo Bella said...

And I bet Sienna misses you. Hope wherever she is at has been SIenna proofed!

Velo Bella said...


Jed said: said...

That's the way to a woman's heart.

Through her dog.

Velo Bella said...

bobolito bobito mojito

Miss Mary said...

ooohhh, mojitos