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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

more than a job

There is little more satisfying than big-time gregario work for a teammate.

It is an essential labor in our sport. One we have all seen done, or done ourselves in whatever form or whatever level we may.
... but, a powerful urge to spread the gospel has overcome me and so i ask the keyboard to sing the praises of those who sacrifice.



suffer in anonymity, gallant pedaler.

smile in satisfaction as your 'mate pushes hands to the sky and gathers unto them the warm and tinsled accolades.

your job was well done, if only celebrated in quite over the dinner wine.

Couldn't help takin' note of a certain NRC race result and scratching my head in wonder. Couldn't help askin' myself if a local hero got all the support he deserved in that race. i'm damnit-all hoping he did, but can't help but question if it happened.

riding pro ... it's a tough bidness in more ways than one. These boys and girls are called upon to make huge sacrifices, both on and off the bike. There's little money in it for most, and more than most never get a result that rag VeloSnooze gives the light of day to.

bloody shame, that.

Here's hoping the wheels were offered and the suffering made pure.

All hail the gregarios and the leaders from whom they draw inspiration.