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Friday, March 24, 2006

kill whitey

After rolling around the iron-clad communities of Monterey and then taking a think on Gin's reflections ~ i was reminded of how that there power corrupts absolutely. you dig?

- - -

VB's got this little car that hadn't been runnin' since Clinton got busted for dry-cleaning ~ and she wanted me to get it up and lookin' nice to sell (... so she can afford all the doo-dads for her Koner, I think). So, I jumped it up and saw that the gas gauge was runnin' zero and dropped it down her Alpine-driveway to head over to the guzzler-station.

A couple miles away, I see this Deutscher blinky-blink light flash on-off on the dashy ... so, i reckon it's best to take a look at the levels to make sure nothins gonna explode (not sure how much a seized up Golf-ie goes for these days ... but, i don't think it would cover a set a disko's). So, i pulled into the Corralitos Sausage Factory and sat there for a minute debating whether I should shut the engine down or not.

Now, I knew the battery was more n' likely to shit out on me ... but, i figured this being SCruz n' all, there was bound to be somebody willin' to jump the bugger up to runnin' again. So, I popped off the ignition and popped up the hoody to check the gauges. The oil was low, but not emergency - and the coolant levels were the same. The engine had been runnin' fine on the temp needle for half n' hour ... so, i figured it was a bum-light or that i just needed to add a bit o' fluids to make it german-specific happy. Either way ~ it was a go if I could get that sucker started again.


Oh well, let's ask some folks for a jump.

"hey ... whitey mcRichguy, can you spare a minute to jump this lil' machine?"


"uh, how 'bout you blondie mcBottle nose?"

hell no, get away from me, hippie.

"any chance for a light, farmer Jonah?"

eat shit, fagboy.
- - -

yeah, that makes me happy. I finally cracked when one guy smiled at me with some inner-sick satisfaction with the power that he had to say 'no.' It was some weird sense of thrill that oozed out of his sideways smile when he gave me the one-word negative shaped like a middle finger out of his pie-hole. He enjoyed it like a sweet bit a candy.

whatever, man. Somebody's burnin karma here, either you or me. whatever.


So, it was the long-walk home to grab Sputnik and jump the fuker myself.


Josh and Barb said...

I guess the good Karma that you earned by giving my stupid ass a jump at Zamora the other day just hasn't come back around to ya just yet. Rich, usually white, usually fat, BMW (Basic Marin Wheels) driving mutherfukkers can all kiss my ass. Don't get me wrong, I know some really wonderful people who have more money than god and they've never developed this "My life is so important, I just can't be bothered" attitude. But after working in a hoity-toity ultra high end bike shop, and living in Marin generally I've developed a sense for these ratfuckers and I can usually smell them coming a mile away. I can really spot them a ways off on the bike. Now that I no longer rely on them for my pay, I think I'm gonna have me a little fun with some of these aforementioned fucksnufflers when the chance comes up... -j

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a bit of irony in stereotyping people who you think stereotype you?

Not that there's anything wrong with that... I'm just sayin'.


Velo Bella said...

The Corralitos Market isn't exactly Marin.
By any stretch.

Considering the condition of my car, and oV's morning hernando hair, I'm betting that the locals thought he had crawled out of the mountains to get some cookhouse supplies or something.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"do as i say, not as i do"

- - -

besides, where's the stereotypin' when somebody asks and you say no, all smug-like?

are all people like that?

let's be honest ... most ... americans ... and most rich folk, world-wide ... is.

oh wait, maybe i need a cup o' coffee.

n' then it'll all be rosey-like. Even rosier now that the weekend's bike-bacchanilia is brewing.

me = choosing best i can, but still lazy in the ethics.

Josh and Barb said...

Sure, I'm sterotyping here but I wouldn't even say that lots of the folks I'm talking about are actually even stereotyping me, they're just generally self absorbed. It's the sense of entitlement and inconsiderate oblivion that I feel I encounter just about every day that just snaps me. There might be poor or non-white or even folks of average income that act this way anywhere you go. But that hasn't been my experience.

And hey, I just felt like ranting- and I think Olaf's blog is as good a place as any for that! -j

ginmtb said...

I see plenty of these wonderful folks in the land of entitlement and luxury SUV's (Danville). It is amazing how rude people have gotten. Man, don't want to do battle with a soccer mom driving her 7,000# behemoth when she's late for her spa appointment. Jiminy Christmas!!! Bring on the fat a$$ BMW driver though.

L. Christmas said...

all this stereotyping can get way too deep. so I'll be specific:

I like carrying jumper cables, and help when ever I can. Jumper cables in your car = good karma... and I'll take a every little bit I can get.

so everyone go get some.. they're cheap.. but rememeber to always attach the black end at the dead car to a ground rather than the neg of the battery.. i think.

ps. gin, my yuppie ass still drive's a bmw wagon, and I'm going euro-roadie team car

Chico Cyclist said...

Dude, the next time that happens, call - I woulda jammed down from Chico. That sux. I just don't understand what the deal is with these folk.

Hick said...


SantaCruz and Fresno have more in common than I thought.

This thread makes me think I need to watch "crash" again. That movie rocked.

Oh yeah, people suck.


Velojuice said...

That sucks, you have way more patience than I do Olaf.
sterotyping is one thing, but actions justify the sterotyping. To which, then it isn't streotyping anymore. Now they are just an asshole who can't help out someone in need. Don't let them get you down my brother! vj

nicknameless said...

ohhh no....I am soo bummed. I had this happy go lucky idea that our little Corralitos was like some little small townish haven complete with the friendly market where they know your name.

I would have given you a jump even if I didn't know you.

PS If you do that again call me for crimminy sakes! I woulda come from work (a whoppin 10 min away)

Nome Agusta said...

Dude, try AAA.

And I don't mean you drink to much vino either.

Lilly Bella said...

Awww Olaf,
You were just in the wrong 'hood, look at it this way, in my town there are plenty of people that would jump you and your car. (Of course the experience is totally polar between the the girlys and gangstas, :) but they's all give you a jump.) Believe me the rich have no monopoly on this issue, at least you didn't get your car jumped and swiped from your front yard. Corralitos is still a pretty cool place to live. Crash was a great movie.

Miss Mary said...

a post from lilly bella!

PAB said...

I agree with the sass...

people suck.

X Bunny said...

first time i was ever in sputnik you stopped for a couple who needed a jump

i didn't even notice them until you stopped--i don't think they were even waving anyone down

i think their car looked on its last leg and they looked like they had had some hard times in life if i recall correctly

and they were soooo appreciative of you helping them out

so forget the assholes
there are good people in the world

PAB said...

I remember that.

That was right after you insisted we stay at your place instead of hitting the road, tired as we were.

I knew then I wanted to be your friend.

But see what you get for being nice to people? Now you are stuck with us....