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Monday, March 27, 2006

it's all in good fun, yo

well ... we BagBoys had a rough weekend of it. And, our lovely Maidens of Flair had their fair share of ob-stack-uls to overcome, as well.

On Saturday, I blew tactical chunks all over a rainswept, mudgrimed, climber's course. It was ugly on a stick.

McSassy straight up whooped me in a sprint after I stupidly initiated a chase-down of my uber-courageous teammate up the road.

me = dipshit

Then on Sunday, I raced more against a positively tested 'roid user and less for my teammates. You just can't be consumed by someone else's evil ways. Let them do what they're gonna do and do what you gotta do.

Still ~ it's kinda nice when you're a team disappointed with 2nd's and 4th's n' crap like that.
... but make no bones about it ~ disgusted is what i feel about my riding this weekend.

- - -

Then there are our lovely Bellas. BunnyX and VB had tough days on alternate schedules. VB wanted to climb better on the road Saturday and Bunny wanted to turn better in her Sunday crit. It's tough on the morale, you dig?

But, what they can draw strength from is ~ damn fast women showed up for the racing this weekend. When you're racing against national champs ... you gotta expect the hurt to show up with them. And ... the racing was just plain hardcore out there this weekend for la femmes.

Small fields + talented riders + loads of money = sufferings galore.

But, they stuck it out. I'm so proud to know both of them.


Chico Cyclist said...

Oh man, that sounds brutal. But hey, it's a live-learn-move on sorta thing. And even though there may be disappointment and all that, you guys all still rock!!!!

Velo Bella said...

thank you

Josh and Barb said...

Don't sweat it, dude. There's plenty more races a-comin' right up, you guys are riding pretty awesome and you'll get some more wins. I know what you mean though, it's sweet to be pissed over getting 2nd or 3rd! -j

X Bunny said...

i so wish i had been less selfish and more supportive of everyone else's trials and tribulations this weekend

like you were able to do

thanks again

Little_Jewford said...

Sounds like a rough weekend ... but big props for calling out doper boy by name on the NCNCA forum ... always amazed that people like Fuentes or O'bee can slink back into the scene and nobody seems to care ....

Anonymous said...

How about Levi???

I seem to remember him being popped back in the day and he's a freakin ken doll now.

Dopers a doper and a cheaters a cheat, always.


Josh and Barb said...

I absolutely agree. Doping=cheating, simple as that. I liken it to cutting the course at a cross race. How good would you feel if you just ducked under the tape at a spot where no one's looking, thereby halving the course. You go on to a "convincing" win. This is quite silly, I don't think most people would ever try something as goofy as this- it would totally undermines the race itself, and goes against the very nature of the thing. But how would this be any different than using drugs or other illegal methods to win? If you race bikes, and feel in your heart that a victory like this would be satisfying, it's really time to rethink some things. And after celebrating your course-cutting victory with a defiant salute, collecting the modest cash prize and gaining the adoration of the fans could you return to the sport after being caught, days later by a witness that exposes your treachery? I don't really think I could. And if I did return to racing, I don't think I'd show up with my i-pod on throughout my first race back... I'll save that rant for my blog maybe, but that has got to be one of the rudest things I've seen in a race. Welcome back, Dave.

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