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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

dig it

... so jonesin' for a nite out of gettin' down with my woman.

lost in the moment ~

eyes closed,
immersed in sound, art, flow.

It's the opening, the contact, the pleasure ~

high without invasion.


It's the putting aside of self-consciousness that becomes addictive.

It's the pure and free movement generated by an invisible touch.

It's acting the fool and smilin' idiot-like without a drop of care and totally aware.

It's bliss, yo.

And then, you roll that up and take it back to the room ~ for more.

get down.


PAB said...

oh man, I know just how that all feels.

we got that way last night...

as we both suffered through 5 minute intervals on the trainers until some unholy late hour of the evening...

X Bunny said...

and i thought coach said it was a recovery day

PAB said...

what's a recovery day?

X Bunny said...

i don't know
i'm not good at those
but i'm feeling very recovered

Jed said: said...

okay, THIS post is ubergay.

X Bunny said...

jed, you made me smile!