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Thursday, February 02, 2006

... forgive me

i see accelerations on the bike much like those in a car.

for example ~ some people like to slam the accelerator to the floor to accelerate in their car. I think they do this same thing when they sprint ... just floor it and see what happens. They might as well close their eyes, too.

When the pedal is floored in a car, yeah - you'll accelerate ... but, it's ugly on the car. The transmission struggles and even does a bit of damage to itself trying to shift under such manic torque. And, there's a strong chance of tires spinning out initially - that's always fun. And in some cars, a huge amount of gas is flooded to the engine with only a finite amount actually able to be used in the ignition of the engine parts.


Or, the pedal can be punched, but at just the right intensity ... and the car jumps forward as the transmission accepts the maximal load while remaining maximally efficient and smooth running.

no damage, no overload, no waste.

Cycling = an elegant, imaginative machine.

When doing sprints, concentrate on not overloading your system in the first 5 pedalstrokes. Remember to exhale a breath as you start each sprint.

Choose your starting position on the bike and experiment with it ... some on hoods (always remember what gear you start in), some in drops, some seated, etc...

Goal = after your exhalation (can last a good three pedalstrokes, if you want) and first shift, you will continue the power transfer - smoothly and efficiently. The goal on these sprints is to feel what it is like to accelerate to top speed - and to experiment with how to get there.

Top speed is not the goal during sprints right now.

In fact, as you reach top speed in the sprint - take that first couple pedalstrokes into what you feel is your top speed (I mean the fastest you can pedal at that specific moment in time), and right as you reach top speed, dial it back one notch and ride that effort level instead. You should be able to look forward a few feet and see your phantom self at top effort ... but, you've backed off just enough to have a cool head and can imagine the type of suffering you choose not to do right now.

The goal is the acceleration ... we want to experiment with how much gas we flood the system with. And, yes ... sometimes you'll need to just floor it. You will feel the juice and take those first 3 pedalstrokes, feeling all jumpy and frothing ... and you will floor that accelerator like a drag queen.

... and you'll chug-a-chug-chug to make 30 seconds on the sprint.

Really chug.

20 - 40 seconds is the goal for these sprints. I know how hard it is to go past 20 seconds in a full sprint. If all of your sprints are 20 - 30 seconds ... that would be fine. But, if you're not as springy in the legs for a workout?

Instead of doing shorter more intense stuff - lengthen it out and dial it back just a hair. For instance, i was going to do 2 min drills yesterday, but was too fatigued and couldn't reach the proper intensity level for that specific type of interval. So, I lengthened my intervals to 5 minutes because I knew that was a time i could sustain the proper effort level.

alternate paths = positive movement

Anyway, with your sprints ~ try to consistently hit 20+ seconds. Again, after your first 3 pedalstrokes/breath - you will want to experiment with how long it takes you to reach your maximal speed. The longer you take to reach that speed will most likely effect how long you go past 20 seconds (as well as distance covered).


So, many of my sprints are ridden on the same road ~ for purposes of comparison. I may even do one particular sprint over and over again (those evil gawdamn signs). But, the terrain must vary, as well. Especially as the season approaches ... i'll want to be throwing in new scenarios and decision making into the sprints. Skills of quick adaptation and immediate assessment are absolutely necessary.



PAB said...

Is there a name for this condition of yours???

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


sticky said...

You are a legend - I wish that I could have done sprint workouts with you when you were still in Reno. Jeff @ MPN

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

jeff = too fast for me to sprint with.

i'd need mas wattage.

coolio, hope to see you soon.

sticky said...

If only I had your threshold power my sprint power would mean something, eh? Keep tearin' it up!

Velo Bella said...

no worries. I am okay with sharing.

Nome Agusta said...

I didn't know the bubble van could sprint.
You want to race against the Durango?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Sputnik doesn't sprint ... ever.

0 - 60mph in ... ah, well - we haven't quite got there yet.


X Bunny said...

that isn't sputnik

i've never seen sputnik that shiny

Velo Bella said...

god damn campy

diskzero said...

Nice post!