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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

yeah ... like dat

... the j-maniac went hours and hours over hilly Tour of Calif terrain today in prep for the SJ road stage.

- me thinks the brother is going to lay down the suffering
in quest for some hometown glory on that TofC stage -

Hell of a big event brewing up this year in Cali-land. You can feel the cycling beast-energy crackling around the state like some huge magnetic field of lycra-fied man-juice. It's mixing in with the burly coastal fog and hemi-induced smogage to create this edible, airborne testosterone soup. It's givin' biker-types some serious wood 'round these parts.

And chaser's pop is out smashing the pedals in long hours of preparation.

me = jealous.

However, remedy was made:

an extra 20 minutes snuck in for lunch'ervals because
i'm good at my job ... and screw it, i wanted to = priceless.

Besides, i don't have baby spurtle drying up all goobery-globbery over my keyboard ... like a certain sleep-deprived couple undoubtedly does. And, though i may miss out on the super-sizing of man-power through baby rearing ... I am lucky enough that at least one thing keeps me up at night because of dripping goobery-globbery and muffled night noises ... it's just more adult in fashion.


Bike racing = the yummiest damn thing.

oh what the hell ... maybe i'll just go do Gila for shytes'n giggles. No time for endurance hours? ... not an excuse. Suffering is suffering, it's the same all the way through the cat ranks.

There's a crit out there to be snuggled with and a 'flat' road stage that drives me wild on the fun-meter.

double yummy.


Miss Mary said...

sweet, goldifly & i are planning on attending the first 4 days of racing...

you and VB should come out also...

it would be fun watchin them torment each others pain thresholds, with a nice cold beer in our hands.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


we'll cheer with beer, yo.


Miss Mary said...

just make sure it's with this beer

Benjaminiac said...

OV, your shorts> are ready.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's just nasty on a stick.