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Thursday, January 19, 2006


crickey ...

my body is slugging to break out of full-recovery mode.

Sleep last night was a message wrapped around a stone thrown though my forehead.

It took me while i perused a spreadsheet sent by my lover. Her sassy competence was a sweet lullabye.

11 hours of nigh-nigh.

And now, lunch'ervals must be attended to.

i hope i don't have to lash myself too vigorously.



X Bunny said...


that's all you people ever talk about

well, besides chocolate and the intimate exploration of eachother's bodies

deep breath and focus
i do not need to do lunch rides
i have a different schedule but it will still work for me

i'm okay now

Velo Bella said...

good thing for you I don't have my camera for today's lunchspins.

Of course, I did get completely drenched yesterday if that helps any.

besides, you did your own brand of lunchervals yesterday and we had to use our imaginations.

X Bunny said...

oh, i know
just some brief weak thoughts in a tired moment

my evening intervals still kick my butt (i guess they always will as they are supposed to) and i am tired today as a result

pab didn't help...i told him my interval plan and he approved but suggested i add one of course i did

lunch ride followed by evening intervals yesterday = me not sitting on a saddle today