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Sunday, January 15, 2006

djp memorial


9am - djp memorial ride.

1pm - team photo thingie (yes, it's that gay)

2:15pm - maybe race the early butt crit out in Fremont with the puff1/2 boys.


6:29am - start cleaning #1 and my's bikes ... trying like hell to get the liveMo grime off of them from Saturday's trainin' in the rainin'.

7:19am - wonder at the crappy shifting on my bike ... realize that rear derailleur cable is kaput.

7:25am - after frustrato searchy-searchy ... find that the only cables in stock at casa de hernando are short, frayed, and curled stiff & solid like the pubies. shynola.

7:53am - 24 cuss words and 3 cannibalized bikes later ... still no cables to be found of appropriate length, quality, or viagrification. double shyte.

7:57am - 'fukit ... i'm going single speed ... 39x12 it is.

8:05am - hop in shower as #1 uses same 24 cuss words at my roomate's pile'o toaster after she has executed (char-style) another couple pieces of innocent bread.

8:09am - exit shower as lovely #1 hands me a couple pieces (the last scraps) of yummy jellified toast. Cup of Peete's in hand, I really start to get my act together and ... start looking for my cycling shoes.

8:21am - no shoes to be found. crappo. spare shoes dug out and thrown in Sputnik and get the immense pleasure of seeing awesome friends have scraped Sputnik's windshield (thanks PAB & bunnyX ... you guys are da'bomb).

8:31am - #1 finally gets my ass out of the drive ... we are going to be seriously late to the memorial. good.

9:23am - roll in to the memorial as 250+ cyclist roll out in honor of our departed friend.


9:27am - see WholeBerg with double flat action in memorial parking lot ... how sad.

EW: looks like dan's fukkin with me one last time, eh?

hernando: ya, i hear ya. He busted my rear derailleur cable this
morning and didn't stock the house with any replacements. just like him.

EW: yeah ... just like him.

9:43am - #1 and I head out on our own memorial ride for the djp.

9:45am - meet up with bigD and Kassoy ... get lost with them for a bit.

9:56am - herniate 3 discs trying to grind up Moody in a 39x12. Cadence = 6.

10:13am - pay tribute to djp with final 5 pedalstrokes up Moody. peace my brother.

10:32am - mention to #1 that crepes should be in our future.

10:45am - #1 takes me down Main Street, Los Altos ... and, lucks into finding a wondrous little creperie ... heaven.

10:57 am - Nutella sugar surge begins.

11:35am - hit bike shop and snake a couple cables ... make repair on bicicleta and realie that single speeds suck donkey. Gears rule.

12:45pm - roll into Fremont crit and begin supermodel session.

1:43pm - receive 16th smooch from #1 and realize what a lucky SOB I be.

2:15pm - do critty-crit. attack first lap and go away with yummy little group that has da'Canuck teammate in it.

3:25pm - cross line 1-2 with canuckian teammate. yay.

4:11pm - ingest mass quantities of veggie chinese food with #1 and best friends.

5:34pm - driving over Santa Cruz mountains ... tell djp that he was done proud today. So many people thinking of him ... happiness.

7:23pm - the woman i love will be loved up ... right now.




X Bunny said...

sorry about the shoes

i guess i shoulda been able to tell they weren't pab's size

that toaster got me too...i think a new one costs $10 at target

Chico Cyclist said...

Dude, your day sounds like it was awesome!!!!!

PAB said...

I think cc is right, it was a pretty fine day, after all.

Sorry I slept through your awesome crit ride, though....

(that huge windshield on Sputnick musta really taken it out of me...)

Velo Bella said...

A fine day indeed.
All that appeared to be havoc, was actually good fortune.

Savor it.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

and so i shall.