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Monday, January 09, 2006

the beauty is in the details

bags of laundry ready for wash,
a bag and a half of fixins waiting at the grocery -

but all i can do
is lay on the floor

and suffer the stiffening consequences of
a twilight crucifixion.

- in battalions -

some days it be sorrows,
others, pure and meaning smile.

but when They come,
i embrace each and every one -

for our same bard,
being something wise
in the matters of men and women,

said a thing, or two,
of loves lost,
and, worse, never been.



Jill said...

Sweet prose. Loved it.

X Bunny said...

pab says he has no idea what you are talking about but he likes it anyway (can't type for himself yet--hasn't finished cup#1 and he is up very early)

i like to pretend i know what you are talking about and think this is very nice

PAB said...

OK, I'm awake now. Still don't understand it, still like it...