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Monday, January 02, 2006

= 42

love as today is your very last



X Bunny said...

my first corollary to this one has been 'don't let the sun set on your anger'

sometimes keeping the importance of each day foremost will slip a little for me, and then i remember again and get priorities back in order

i wish we didn't have to have reminders though

Jaws said...

Those who would choose money over love dont deserve either.......

Velo Bella said...


You're such a geek.

I love it.

Velo Bella said...

oh, and I can hop to recent postings from the link of one.

jeez. How silly. Both the websense blocking and my need to check anyway.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you better check ...

95% of all the words i scribble are about/to/dreaming of you, fer christ's sake.

sweet jaysus. somebody stop me.

Reed Maxwell said...

yeah, 42, now who's the ultimate smarty pants? and Mike makes fun of US for being math geeks...

Oh and BTW, will you guys stop that crap already?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


we're on a mission to create a mass state of barf-orama.

so far, we've got most of the norcal hurling at our oogly-googliness.

... yes!

ps - i will continue to make fun of your mathyness, btw.

you in on that calAggie action, ya?

PAB said...

Hey Reed-O,

I am pretty well enjoying that crap these days.

Now don't make me come down there and give you a hug!

X Bunny said...

if you tell them to stop, it only encourages them

who knows what would happen if we tried reverse psychology (aka--applied mind games)

Reed Maxwell said...

oh "the aggie"... no hills, no turns, I may just have to go for a repeat this year.

your schmoopy-ness will just power me on.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's what it's there for.


we throw down at the LandPark. I think PAB is counting the days in slash marks on his top tube.

Reed Maxwell said...

Coolio. Let's hope it's pissing rain again this year too, always makes it more fun. That and the awesome chocolate chip cookies they give out for primes.

Pab, I'd do ANYTHING to get a hug from you...

Velo Bella said...

Let me know when that ANYTHING happens and I'll be there with camera ready.

I could use some fresh goshdarn* blogging material

PAB said...

that will send a fella's mind a- racin'...