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Thursday, December 29, 2005

~ waste of your time ~

base interval - how the frack do i find this stupid 'sweet spot' effort level?

It's a good question. Let's define.

Base: Effort for Variable Intervals Levels, or better known as "B EVIL" --->

A working definition is always the best way to communicate, I've found. And so, let's attempt one:

B EVIL is a state of mind. It is the utmost you can do, without actually entering the gates. It is the level where the primitive tantalizes, but does not capture you whole hog. It is the range between aggression and good clean fun.

An example ~

... ok, when i'm doin' my B'verals, I gauge it all on breathing. There's this rhythm of breathing that I know is paving a little path to nirvana. If my breathing rate goes mas rapido than my golden path's soundtrack should ... well, I know i'm tempting the primitive to reach out and snatch me into the deep, painfully beautiful levels of hurt reserved for the special sacrifices only. So, it's a turn down on the volume meter - a notch and a half.

... to 11.

Breathing ~ and the reverse-like runs along the same principles ... if'n that rate is cool and collected, barely a whisper amongst the nettles ~ then time to kick that shit in the ass.

How to define that golden path Breather? ~ well, i think of it like the primitive is a border, a line that the closer you get, the more frenzied the shakings be.

So, if you're spinning a wicked gleeful 110+rpm'ish BaSe'rval and you find your primitive side starting to rise up all snatchy for you ... well, you just keep tickling it under the chin and soak up that little whipple of juice that occurs in such situations.



Reed Maxwell said...

"Frack?" you're so Battlestar Galactica... What I want to know is, how do I translate any workouts into a spin class in Central FL?

Terminal Nostalgia said...


Just thought you might want to know that some worthless piece of crap found it amusing to add your personal blog name an entry to his little list of BAD BLOGS. His e-mail address is: If you feel like dropping him a line.

Don't feel to bad, I'm on his list too.

Just thought you would want to know.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

but ... this stuff IS bad.

so, i reckon he's called it solid on this one.

now, let's see what other bad shit i can dig up.