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Monday, December 05, 2005


well, yesterday some guy had his head up his you know what and walked right out on the course in front of me. It was at the end of the first lap, and he just didn't even think about the fact that there was a race going on. Walked right out in front of me on the fastest, paved part of the damn course.

I went pinwheeling down across the tarmac like a rag doll tossed out the rear window. wonderful.

bike = trashed
body = trashed

mind = who cares? i got other fun stuff to think and dream about.

Anyway, i hopped back on the bike until it was just unridable. The shifter had snapped off so i was 2 speeding it for a couple of laps - 38 x 13, or 44 x 13. Not the best gear ratios for the course. With 2 or 3 laps to go, I was cruisin' past Steller and noticed she was using Time ATAC's, too.

"Stella ... can i borrow your bike, please? I promise I'll get it back to you real quick!"

She kind of laughed at me, but then shrugged a bit of a "why not?".

wahoo! I grabbed her shiny green Kelly and cackled off back into the race. Unfortunately, as I hopped on the thing, I realized Stella had her seat at least a couple inches higher than mine.


I'm waay taller than her, but she must have gawdamn giraffe legs. Anyway, after I got used to rocking my hips over that saddle like a porn star the bike turned into a beauty of a ride. It was crazy being on a machine that actually responded to your needs.

"Oh, that's what it's like to shift? Oh, brakes can actually work ... huh, who'd a thought it?"

She's a good wrench. You gotta be impressed with someone who would hamper their warm-up to loan out a bike to some jack-ass who crashes a lot. Gracias, Steller.

Anyway, I finished the race and never did catch Kaotees. He's coming up in form just perfect-like for Natz. Go get 'em, brudda. I was close to sticking with Doll-usio and the Howl ... but, they were railing all the top techy stuff so well, I didn't have a chance. Ce'st la vie.

The women's race was way more fun to watch (especially after a couple of quick beers to numb the broken body). It was a sweet 1-2-3 Bella march with Meztger getting a nice big win. Howe looks soooo ready for Natz. With Kerlin, Metzger, Vardaros, and Fitzy ... those chickas are a serious gawdamn cycling team.


After the race, it was sooo enjoyable. Folks walked around chatting and those who, like me, were hangin' up the cross shoes for the winter were saying their fond farewells. Cam and I were discussing the difference between the cross and road cultures. Sometimes the road action can get so uptight ... but, cross is a bit more down to earth.

so, i guess i'll get my bike fixed and start thinking about next year's crossey-cross.

go locos who hit the Rhode.


PAB said...

dude, that SUCKS!

Anyone get pictures? (for identifying the perpetrator, not so we can gawk at the pure carnage of it all...)

Seriously, hope you're OK.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thanks brudda.

yeah, the poor guy. The thing is, it's just so representative of what some of us aMericans do to ourselves. This guy was so wrapped up in his little world, he didn't even think to look before he jumped on the course.

When I got my self together and started to get up, he wanted to help me out I think, but ... oh, i was not really in the mood to have him pawing at me to see if i was hurt. A nice woman had brought my bike over - so i just hopped on it and went back to racing.

Apparently, this guy grabbed his spare wheels, tore off his number, and went home. That sucks. I mean, I have to admit that when i think about the utter oblivious SELFISHNESS of his mindset in walking out on a live course (with his bike!) ... it gets me a bit frustrated. But, the guy didn't mean it. The guy obviously felt bad about it. So, that's enough on that.

And hopefully, he'll never do something like that again. And even MORE hopefully, he'll be an advocate for other people not doing that. ah well.
~ m

Velo Bella said...

Hernando go splat