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Thursday, December 01, 2005

tookie ... muppet?

so, he is to be killed.

a man who repents ... who is to judge this thing? If he do not repent, but repay ... what then? Do we look less lazy-like and discuss if the death is a penalty at all?

a penalty is a thing that must be paid, no? you must 'do' whatever penalty is commanded. What do you pay, when it is over? what do you do? When would the payment end otherwise?

Let's be lazier still ... "it's so expensive."

now, i want to be killed.


Velo Bella said...

fuck...Dec 13.
this sickens me

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

lutin sombre wrotey:

"Stanley Williams’ acquittance would evidently be the best unselfish gesture for society. Tookie has proven in so many occasions that he was worthy of being forgiven (for something that he might not have done)
and being treated as a leader for finding peace.

Too many false judgments made by the prosecutor to try to crush further down the hope of a defenseless man gave more strength to the people fighting for this

Clemency from the governor would be the most valuable outcome to society especially to those in need of Stanley Williams’s messages. Too many young
susceptible souls are counting on Tookie to carry out his memoirs out loud and show vividly what a nightmare he had survived.

All those years of isolation have helped him in
finding redemption and have served him in order to pursue his own purpose.
Don’t we all have a purpose in life?

Some destroy the light without even blinking and
others bring faith and hope to those without clarity.
Let’s not kill the frail ray of light trying to pierce the gloomy sky, but give a chance for this beam of light to reach the ground.


Anonymous said...

damn straight-couldn't have said it better myself!