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Friday, December 16, 2005

menace squared

On a day when i shoulda been spinning a resty-fresh 39x19 ... instead, there i am, playing in traffic and screaming at the mountain.

stupid testosterone.

This hormonal overload must be the frenzied work up to the solstice - i'm sure of it. Until then, it's a condemned state of rutting, strutting he-animal rumblings of the most primordial sort. Ever seen one of those big hairy bear-y's when they rub up all earth shaker-like against some poor unsuspecting timber? The tops of the tree sway in humped up rythym as a skinful of tongue-draggin' ursa major grunts against its shapely trunk.

yeah, it's like that.

So, i gotta find me a bike race in the near future ... to unleash some of this pent up voltage. Either that, or i gotta get laid ... for like 2 days straight.

'cause this ruttin' shit ... it's gonna get me in serious trouble.


X Bunny said...

well it is friday night...
i mean, you're no bob roll, but you might get lucky....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Reed Maxwell said...

Wait, but if you get lucky will you also get slow? You may have to take one for the team, Bull Durham style.

X Bunny said...

how did i know you'd say that?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

reedO - trust me, i never get lucky.


and, you are SUCH a bad bunnyX!


Reed Maxwell said...

Well, you never know, that's the thing about luck and all, that pesky randomness.
And of course, the oblique Tim Robbins/Colbert reference.

Velo Bella said...

jesus, is everyone on that safeway team a smarty pants?

and no, PABst, playing dumb doesn't count.

Reed Maxwell said...

Um, you might really want to withhold judgement on that one until you actually TALK to us for a while and SEE us in action. I doubt you'd still think we're so smart then.