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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


last night my little birdie asked if all the voices stopped when i threw myself into sprints.

no - but it is only the most primal, thrusting voices that accompany my sprints.

Sprints are gutteral, visceral, sexy beasts. During sprints, every muscle must be addressed, every sinew tugged for strength, every drop of sweat noted, catalogued, and bid adieu.


It starts with the hands.

The hands are the contact. I don't feel the bars or the hoods ~ no, i feel the road. I feel imperfections, bumps, glides, hops, zigs, scoots, and a million other sensations that rise up to meet me as i fly through.

It's recognition - of each and every stimuli of the environment. How do you listen? By dropping your belly, setting aside the ego, and diving head-full into those lovely waters of the now.

- Chi -

there are many faggo definitions of this word ... but, i'll just go with this sliver of it ~ AWARENESS.

Awareness. You see - the calmer, the quieter you allow yourself to return to ... well, the more you allow yourself to see, feel, hear, smell, feel.

Awareness. Chi.

it's a drug.

The Japanese have about 20 words to describe Chi. Fukkin Japanese - they can write a person's life with a single brush stroke, and yet - sometimes you can't get a gawdamn straight answer out of them. Oh well.

Chi - in this context (the mainland context) - it is the awareness you allow yourself with your immediate surroundings. Example:

every morning i ride to work. every morning i work on my Chi.
That's to say, every morning I listen. How fast is that car coming up
from behind? Is it closer to the bike lane than actually where it should be? What's the size of the car? Will it have to move towards me because of that shit-for-brains
driver coming the opposite direction right on the yellow line and talky-talking on the cell phone? If I accelerate now to stay ahead of it, will I have enough gas to make it over the freeway bridge at 32 mph?

Does anybody see how fat these shorts make me?

See what i mean? Awareness. To be as fast as you are capable ... you need awareness. I know, sounds gayer than a tin biscuit - but, it works.

Before you sprint ~ take a deep breath. Let it out slowly and calmly. Listen. Let your eyes see everything they naturally want to. RELAX.

Before EVERY sprint - relax.

uh ... that goes especial-like for races.

whatever. i gotta go to work.



Velo Bella said...


Anonymous said...

The sprint is the most focused part of the race for me. It's funny because it works in the oposite way from your description, though. There is no active step in becoming focused, it just happens. The world narrows to a lazer beam during the last two minutes. Efforts that would kill me at other times are happening, but they're out of the conscious ... the high level thinking only has the finish line and the position and the focus.

'course all that helps being on yer wheel.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oh, those leadouts.

we were so fukkin pro.

not bad for a coupl'a nerdy-wordy bikerboys.