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Sunday, December 11, 2005


an 11t is too much meat.

after another rear wheel disaster, i stupidly put that little bastard on the creaky replacement.

... sometimes, downhills are fun.

- - -

10:03am: the rear was giving up some, to be honest, quite troubling crickety-creaks from its spinning innards. I hopped off to the side, did a bit of the shakey-bendy mech test, and diagnosed with confidence ... 'passable safe.'

shrugged, launched on, decided to ride 'especially smooth' today.


11:10am: a pack of injuns attacks from the rear. Appears they gather herd to contest a sprinty-sprint.

.... oh, what the hell, why not?

I hop off the sidewalk and plunge in (gotta take advantage of opportunities offered, yes?). Well, it's winding up on the funmeter when I look up to see the advance of Mr. StopLight. Calculations run quickly and I realize I'll need to back off this acceleration if that light chan...

They blew a stop light at 30mph. That's just uncool and why I so rarely, rarely, RARELY do group rides. [editor's snoote: know how bad i wanted to blow that light and uncork the big bitchsprint. easily safe enough ... but, fuk, ya gotta be the semaritan, you dig?]

11:16am: dodged rest of crazy pack and try to figure out what the hell city I'm in.

12:47: figure out most of above and have kick ass cafe and slice of heaven BananaNutBread.

oh mama ... BNB rocks the bod.

Now, mightn't you have noticed the cafe ? ... well, that's what we have to call a "double espresso" over here. You'd think ordering a "double espresso" would be easy enough, don't you? I mean, if we did things right, I would just order a cafe, and be smiling within moments.

But no - here, i must ask slowly and clearly, so they have chance to recognize the unfamiliar term, "I'd like a DOUBLE ESPRESSO ... please. ... and that cookie, that shit looks awesome."


a what?

Double Espresso, please.


a what?

you wanna dOPE-YO?

Jesus man, just give me two shots of espresso in a cup. please, i gotta ride. ... and don't forget the cookie.

1:43pm: there is no bloody way i can do another one of those in the 53x23. No bloody way.


1:52pm: i want to kill my self.

2:45pm: just how short does my sprint have to be into this headwind?

i'm tired.


PAB said...

finally, a poem I can understand...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you little minx.

PAB said...

aren't they the ones with no tales?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

no tails,
but cute butts.

PAB said...


oh never mind, enjoy your cookies, you butt-a-holic

Olaf Vanderhoot said...