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Friday, December 30, 2005

Barbarella needs chocolate

As many of ya'll will know, USA Cycling sucks donkey when it comes to supporting the riders it selects to represent the United States of America at cycling's prestigious World Championship events.

... yes, our men and women have to foot their own bills ... as pro's.

and yet, we're expected to produce another Armstrong.


- - -

So, here's your chance to show the feds how much we love cycling and the crazy mo-fo's who go about dedicating their lives to it.

Barb Howe is the US's automatic selection (based on her US Grand Prix performances) for Cross World's in da'Nederlands in January.

Barbarella is about as hip a cat as they come. And, she needs help paying the thousands and thousands of dollars it costs to be get to the World Champyships and snag herself the result she's capable of.


It goes direct-like to her through the VeloBella grassroots cycling organization (do i hear a USACycling 'club o the year' award knocking on the door?).
Let's fess up, we know there's some richie-rich expendable income types out there reading right now. Please pull out some plastic cash and shoot a bit of pedal love to a rider who deserves our attention and support. It takes 2 minutes and changes a life. Think about that, yo.
If you're a woman cyclist ~ you should know about the Bellas.

if you're a male cyclist ~ find a Bella. They kick ass.

later then,
and check out those Barbarella recipes (damn veggies).


Barbarella models some of the Moon's clothing line.
Check dat shyte out, yo.

You want the perfect gift for an active woman ~
look no further than Moonie's threads.


VeloRainDog said...


Anonymous said...

alrighty Olaf... random lurker here. 'Nuff said, plastic is out, and it's on it's way to support Barb.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you are beautiful, random lurker.

'cept, next time post with a bump of rhymation.

lemme hear some groove on it, yo.

gracias from da' cross-ites. and, later on then.

X Bunny said...

all i know is that i want pink hair like that