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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Hung in the garage,
a rusty hook up the ass,
first taken, a layer of skin
from that loathed mask.

Just below the eyes,
a deep, curved incision,
blood gushing down the face,
in glorious precision.

Burning is next,
on the soft tissues of the groin,
the skin will bubble, fat sizzle,
a cherished noise.

Blinding pain, rancid smell,
unconsciousness not allowed,
ever awake in this vengeful hell.

Fingers placed, one after another,
into a cold thin steel cylinder.

Faces close, the fear licked in drops,
with each easy, enjoyed little pop.

The screaming relished,
as it rises and falls,
each moment of agony
vengeance called.

Next, the stomach gutted like a fish,
a surgeon's care so no organs amiss,
food for the handful of starved, filthy rats
sown roughly under the skin, in bloody sacs.

Hate hot pokers prod the vermin,
away from the small, oozing, air holes left open.

As they squirm and squeal,
to escape suffocation and hot poking steel,
i will savor every scream emitted,
every pain filled wail.

The dirty beasts tear and gnaw
into the belly,
into the organs,
eating you raw.


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