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Friday, November 11, 2005


went to sleep last night a fair bit early-like.

The peepers popped open this morning to see the digi-dial read "5:30".

"ah hell, might as well."

But as the mind fully unraveled from sleep, I was distracted with a notice of being covered glisten-like with perspiration. "What the hell was i dreaming about?" Covered wet and the hunger knocks already pinging in the belly, I jumped out of bed and broke from my regularly schedule program to immediately seek out the warm shower. Ahhhh.

Out of the shower all fresh and powdered, I got a clear look at the bathroom time piece - it's a promo "viagra" clock on the toity with no digi-dial...just your ole' fashion hands and pointers..."hey, wait a minute...oh, no frickin' way!"

Realization hit me - I had done a little digi-switch of the values when my eyes woke to the bedroom clocky-clock. Turns out the correct time wasn't 5:30 when i broke sleep - it was actually 3:50.

le oops.

shyte, now I'm up, minty fresh, and eating what will be the 1st of many breakfasts 4:15am.

could be worse. Time to check out what trouble Klein is causing.

peace upon da sleepless and da idealists.


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