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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Horny Kerlin is the Fed-Haters National Champion. That kicks ass. It was cat's claws 'tween her n' Steller n' some little thing named Laura somethin-er-other. The men were Jack-Maynards as far as the eye could see.

It is sick
how quick
them hombres be.

Robinson wowed crowds with an attack disguised as an inhuman ride up that gnarly fuck-ass climb that is, for we mere humans, a runnup. He's gawdamn RoboCop. RoboRobinson.

Anyway, glad to see that Kaotees screwed the pooch in the geezers race. That wank made me work waaaaayyy too hard yesterday at the prestigious East Bay Liebo-Cross. Oh my lord, i'm sore like i been bought, fought, and kicked in the crotch. Let the record show that it was Kaotees who first opened the can of whoop-ass on Saturday. With three to go in the geriatrics race, he dialed up the gentlemanly pace to "screw you I'm twice Nat'l Champ...and you ain't, bitch."

I had to open both barrels just to knock him down before the bell lap's final kapush through the barriers/stairs/hill/more stairs, another hill, and sidewalk fall-off finish. Stewped. Then we got even stoopider in the puppy race. And again, it was Kaotees who instigated! was frickin' beauty full, must say. Twice I caught myself cackling in wicked glee at the fun falling from the trees. You just can't pass on moments like that - no matter what prize tantalizes on the horizon.

But - and for the record - today the numbers ran:

~ power generation = Hawking on a bike

~ coordination = epilectic seizure

~ speed = drunk tortoise

Some days you're just one of the casualties.

C'est la vie.


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