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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

oh it's on, babay

- what the hell...might as well. -

Been saving up the gonzo for one uber-puke racing weekend. She be here.

Lining up UCI fashionless for the final USGP's don't worry me none. So I get a back row start? The race is 60 minutes, baby. I'll make up some ground. Yup, goin' in with da batteries glowin full charge. You know the ole' sayin, "better fresh than fit."

My dark cross proteges (or, as the parable runs, za blind leading za blinder) will be disturbed that I will be breaking my cardinal rule of cross:

if'n healthy limbs
and skin unscathed
be the goal of crossin'
and best prize at end of day

than keep da pace rigid
at 85 percentage.

But this weekend, it's the show amigos. So....might as well risk the insurance plan and lay it all on the barby. Full steam, mes amis. Au bloc.


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