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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

here it comes again

two minutes of gliding agony ...

who amongst you wants to win? Those who want to win, want to risk, challenge, fight, surprise, attract, crush ...

listen now.


two minutes of gliding agony. you must find it, train it, be it. You need to know exactly how much blood, how much will required to plunge yourself into that suffering.

You must know exactly how much you can take. always.

- -


- -

8 x 2 min @ 120+% TT pace (TT pace = 20K). Rest = 60 seconds

fukall ecstasy in its agony.

you serious about it?

Terrain = flat, exposed. you have nothing stopping you from stopping. u strong?

Axiom = easy to hardest to unconditional surrender to triumph

... just another wednesday after work.

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