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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

the Here and Then

gotta thank the jMac for showin' us the great and wicked JungleX past.

and for the here and now -

Mssr Patterson - the best

Der Kellner - the now video

Ms Dukes - the loveliest

VanderPoop - the dorkiest

Russ&Nancy - the gods of film

cross = evil mistress


PAB said...

Hey Her Vanderpoop--how come you take so many pictures of peoples' butts? I mean, I counted 19 in the Natwick GP photos alone! (counting canines)

This seems to be an obsession of yours, and I think it should be listed under "interests" on your blog.

: )

X Bunny said...

gmb sounds a little sensitive about his butt--it's really very photogenic

Velo Bella said...

You counted the butts?


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

there's only one butt i'm interested in now.



yeah,'s definitely your better side. Check out that grimace.

X Bunny said...

awesome--you guys made me have to pause as I started laughing in the middle of a dictation!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i just hope your on call this weekend...i love hearing you bitch at whiney sickies lookin to score the juice. the way, my fukkin remote server is down again. i need to get back to the gawdamn non-profit biz. this shit sucks.

PAB said...

you know, as I was counting the butts, I KNEW I was setting myself up...

i'm not sure, but I think I have been manipulated once again.

Velo Bella said...

I mean, you even counted the dog asses for crying out loud.

You should get help.

PAB said...

yeah, and wasn't that dobie looking svelt?!

Of course, i think i counted the poor bulldog as one of the butts....

X Bunny said...

next time i'm going to let olaf talk to those whiney retards as he seems to enjoy it so much and i'd rather get a tooth pulled