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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

front line

Wickitts moved down here.

i can't wait for the road season. Last time i saw him and TreeRot (see slide 11 for la différence: Trebon y Wholberg [tejón enojado]) was at the MThoodClassic. ...what a grandioso race. And those two boys LOVE to throw down the attacks. The Mt.Hood crit was sooooooooo enjoyable.

i cannot frickin' wait. Hopefully, Wicketts will bring down some O-boys to mix it this spring. Yeah, TourofCalifornia in February. gee, wonder if the racing will be fast?

hell yeah. me wantee. me wanteee baddeee.


Anonymous said...

enjoy the now--cross races left to endure/absorb/relish--assphalt season will be here soon enough...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Velo Bella said...

Mmm....WoolieBird. Lord have mercy on me when I see those thighs

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

he is so fucking hot.

and he can sting it with a word, too.

i rode in with Whoolie in one of the Hoodie stages. He was otb after pulling Tuft around for 3 hours, i was otb after flatting 3 hours earlier.

it was soooo fun hearing him spark snot at the rookies who jumped our grupetto on the final climbo.

WholeBerg = beautifully crafted canuckian anti-hero