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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Exhibit 214a: "dorkiness meter rising"

all cock-bockery aside ... if it's a Tuesday, it's a sprint day.

In cycling, strangely enough, to win ~ you must be fast.

"Fast? don't you mean 'fit'?

No. To win ~ you must be fast.


5 - 8 repeats of a 20 - 30 second effort, 4-5 minutes complete rest between each (complete rest = as little resistance you can put on the pedals and not fall over).

Rolling start ~ 53x23 @ 75 RPM, advance through the gears as per needs of optimal acceleration

Exhale a relatively deep and controlled breath as you begin each sprint.

KEY1 : Sprint course: the same start and finish every single time. It should be flat, or slightly downhill. This is NOT a pure power sprint (using a vernacularism). This is NOT an uphill or big gear sprint ... the course should be repeatable, flat or slightly downhill, and free from distraction/traffic. Complete rest is just the circle back to the start, remember - 4-5 minutes at COMPLETE rest speed.

This workout can be done at night, but take the precautions. If done on the trainer ~ use judgment and transfer the workout.

Rolling start 53x23 @ 75RPM'ish ~ just start in a controlled fashion. The keywords to plant across your noggin while sprinting these intervals are:

1. smooth
2. relaxed
3. shifting
4. smooth and relaxed shifting
5. awareness

The GOAL of each sprint is to accelerate to full speed as quickly as possible, and then hold that speed for as long as possible.

Yes, it is that complicated.

The duration of each sprint will be anywhere from 20 - 50 seconds. I don't even time mine anymore ... distance is used. A sign starts and a sign ends for my technique sprints. The same, every time.

Consistency + awareness = inevitable progress

And so, this is a full speed effort. However, there are some modifications to that statement ~ for, as in all things ... change is inevitable.

Modification 1: always, always progress in effort level as you progress with intervals.


1st interval = easiest
2nd interval = bit harder
3rd interval = hard
4th interval = pretty damn hard
5th interval = did i just vomit in my mouth?
6 + intervals = now you're just killing me

To be able to suffer in a race ~ it won't be there unless found in training. Suffering.

The exhale - this is how you begin each sprint. A deep breath taken in and exhaled as you start each acceleration. Acceleration is your goal. It is my position that smoothness, agility, efficiency fused with power will generate the quickest acceleration.

Your first 5 or 6 pedalstrokes should concentrate on keeping your back relatively straight and your stomach muscles coiled, but smoothly contracting as you exhale your breath. At the bottom of your exhalation, you might be ready to shift heavier. All shifts are 1 cog at a time. Double underline that in your head - all shifts are 1 cog at a time. Rather important, that.

As you engage your first shift, that might be the perfect time to start the inhalation of your next deep breath.

Key 2: breathing is a big beautiful way of keeping your ass relaxed and getting in that lil' somethin'-somethin' called oxygen to your body. You might need some of that during the sprint, so why not gobble some up to use? Please pay attention during your first 5 pedalstokes. If you find yourself holding a breath in false impression that such clenchings will assist your power production? ... slap yourself.
That ain't how it works.

You need to become absolutely proficient in your shifiting. When is the right time to shift? You'll know it when you find it. Find it. practice, practice, practice.

Aware ~ the most aware wins when they act.

shit ~ i gotta go to work. well, that's dorky in a bottle for you.

Fluid, relaxed, fast.
no mashing, no grinding (save for at the right time),
no gnashing, no throwing (well, maybe once at a sign).

begin 1 cog from easiest,
on smooth open road.
first 5 pedalstrokes, each
remembered, studied, catalogued.

warmup appropriate,
supple, lean and free.

Axiom for all days,

first always laziest,
second more than a breeze,
third for the teasers,
fourth bottom feed
fifth is the entrance
sixth sends you in
7th is a different world,
undescribed, only seen.



X Bunny said...

must be extra fun in the rain

Velo Bella said...

I never ever use those goofy emoticons. Never.

Anonymous said...

..and you make it look easy out there Olaf... behind the scenes is a whole new ball of wax.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

dig it.