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Friday, November 04, 2005


Me = Dublin cross race on Saturday, then another on Sunday in WatsonVile.

The WatsonVile cross race is for the FIAC (fed haters) championship of the universe. I will go and try and win even though my chances lie right between a rat's and an ass. Shynola, I would be as happy as a kitten to show up at the USAC elite Natz in an FIAC starsybars jersey. Oh lord, that would be too, too hilarious.

But, WatsonVile is Robinson territory. I think he'll win, and then some. Or one of those JackMaynards will show up and shred. Or some other real crosser.

For the women, hmmm....who will be there? I'd love it if that woman from Colorado would come out and do it. The woman I'm talking about can't compete in UCI cross races and still be eligible to help some blind person out on a tandem in the Paralympics. Is that the biggest pile of horseshit you ever heard of? Apparently, she is quite the huge motor...what a loss to American cycling status. Instead, she chooses to stay out of VeloSnooze and ride this Olympic thing with blindy-mcpeddler. Be cool if she won the jersey.


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