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Thursday, November 03, 2005


cross is great, and all. But, if there were a road race or crit within 600 miles...I'd be there.

i feel like one of those zip-cars that kids get from crap-toystores. The car is all muscly and overbuilt and you rip on this ziptie up its ass - away it roils and rumbles, like a bullet towards the nearest bullseyed wall.

In cross races, me = zipcar. I burn a 4 foot tread of dirt and tufo from one crash to the next. I'm a little rumbling retard of untempered speed and fruitless power, smashing from one obstacle to the next, and laughing like an inmate the entire time.


Skibby said...

I frickin hate cross racin myself. Don't know why the hell I do it, guess I just don't know when to quit. Put me on the velodrome that's like suckin mommy's tit...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

me = 45 miles from the Hellyer Trackie-Track.

lord gawd, let me at the pursuit!


but the sprints? damn, those are violent creations.

I can't wait.

Skibby said...

Hellyer? That's the San Jose track - correct? I spent about 4 weeks in San Jose last winter and spring for work. I checked the track out but didn't get a chance to ride it. I did do some wonderful road rides west of palo alto, around Santa Rosa and a club race southeast of San Jose by some damn dam... loved it...