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Sunday, October 30, 2005


uploading pictures of the cross races...

me = dork

at the moment, i'm sore everywhere that has live tissue.

i'm going to be needing cups of coffee tomorrow.

pinche trabajo.


the racing was disco, I'll admit. [during my evening rehabilitation of chinese food and typo-graphy - RadioParadise has lain down a Mazzy Star, Jeff Buckley back-to-back. deLovely]

The Elders race was bitchy with me, Caotes, Howland, and Easty at each other's hair. Caotes (pro-nounced "Kah-O-tees") by those in the know, ended up pulling a big chunk out of my scalp so that I was limping across in 2nd.

Then in the Freshies race, Ben Jack-Mayonaisse laid down the spread with smooth efficiency. I crashed 26 times on my face, but still ended up 3rd behind One-Speed Maile. He's so fucking boss.

well, back to the painting.

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