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Friday, October 28, 2005


Out on the tt-speeder after work yesterday...starting to burn the system a bit, opening it up for extended efforts to prepare for the intervals once I made it around the LiveMo Lab. I push it a bit demon like over a freewaypass and since it's the first effort after a long day in front of a computer, it hurts like a cherry poppin'. Pleasant enough, but always wondering if something's going to tear.

Anyway, I'm trying like hell not to grind a 56t chain ring over the pass, then mash a bit on the downslope to finish off the leg opener. Deep in the aerobars, ridiculous position i'm trying to work with here...but, if i get the power to run through it...ooh, la la!

But brakes to that - at the bottom of the overpass is a bothersome light for traffic control. Stupid contraptions. My speed has to go from "quite high" to "stop or flip out the donor card" - so, it's a deep plunge of the brakes.

Paused at the light, the bottle is immediately in sight. "Shit...hurty", to myself and to the bottle as warm LiveMo H20 swirls around my mouth.

Popping into the peripheral, a fast-freddie on an uber-expensive bike and complimented with a half-finished mental development rolled up and I did my automatic wave I do to all fellow cyclists. I even gave him the half-smile that signified a friendly, "wow, nice night, huh?" and turned back to face the light and point the portal towards My Ever-Dying Intervals of Hell.

And then, just when the fast-freddie and i were separating, he barked out one of those barbed statements couched in a casual question. Actually, i think it was more a declaration disguised as a question, oozing out his asshole mouth.

what did i do to this jack-wad? Anyway, he snides out something about how it "must be nice" to have all the time in the day to train and tan.

No introduction, no hello, no response to either my wave or my smile - just this limp dick ejaculation.

I turned to him and wondered if this little bitch presumed to know me.

Do you propose to know me?

For, if what you say might seek to impune,
I will warn -
When you wonder what happened
to that boy brought by cruel and hateful wolves,

Then look upon it, sir.
and know that demanded patience
and mighty strengths of will
are all that keep the beasts at bay.


waved, smiled, rode away.

1 comment:

Chico Cyclist said...

We have a similar guy in these neck of the woods. One word can be used to describe him: Obnoxious.