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Saturday, October 29, 2005


2 years ago.


Break through

February 10th

The walls are beginning to fall down.

Limitations are like little red bricks laid inconspicuously around you. First one, then another, on the ground in front of you, barely noticed and shrugged off with a 'there are more important matters.'

Who sets these bricks in front of you, behind you, around you? Parents? Teachers? You?
And years go by...these little red bricks multiply - slowly, slowly...but before you realize it - there are so many bricks, circling you, reaching up to your waist that you begin to become accustomed to them, even rest your arms and head on them for support.

And more appear. There is your Job laying one down right now, placed right in front of you so you remember it everyday. There is your Doubt placing one at eye level, blocking out the sun and letting your eyes rest down toward the ground, toward your feet. And now it is almost suffocating, red bricks blocking out light, blocking out the horizon, and blocking the fresh wind from touching your face, stopping it from messing your hair, stopping it from breathing life in to your lungs. Now you only breathe stale brick - this is your world.

But close your eyes. Close them tight and tell yourself that nothing can stop you. Believe that nothing can stop you. There are no bricks.

Open your eyes and look at this beautiful world of ours. Breathe deeply of the clearness. It is crisp and invigorating to your lungs. It spreads through your chest and into your arms and legs. Look at your hands, they can accomplish great things.

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