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Monday, October 31, 2005


The first minutes of a cross race are blurry to me, both in remembrance and in action. I hate how important the start is...well, let me be honest here...I hate cross starts being imporant when I'm not on the front line. If I'm on the front line when that Official blares it...the cat's meow.

I'm reminded of this month's favorite movie - "Before Sunset." The portrayal of two almost lovers reuniting from an age of very real apart...they are dizzy for the first few minutes of contact and clamour about in lost grace. But eventually they hit their stride towards adventure.



Surf Sity races, I now realize, are hard on my body. I have scars upon scars from these stupid son of pig-dog races. They are hard upon the body and beat even more punishment upon ego. Today was a shriveled man.

The people who do these races are kaleidoscopic in motivation.. Some are pure fun, some are pure competition, some are just fun to compete against. All in all, I like bike doses. Like caffeine.


sweet jesus, my neck just cracked like there were boulders in it. If i were ever capsized by some SUV and paralyzed from the belly down, i'd miss stretching quite something fierce. At the moment I'm inconvienced by a warped wrist and it is about beating me with the insanity stick.

Back to bike racing - glancing thoughts of this Sunday's suffer fest:

1) masters starts are F-in' fast. Seeing Caotes and Easters float across the cobbles on those first 3 laps was IMpressive.

2) it took me 6 laps to get any kind of gap on Howland? Bastard.

3) one-speed Maile is definitely a diety...some sort of Norse trickster god who gets cussed at alot.

4) best advice i got all day, "try looking where you want to go..."

5) Stella Carey rode a geared was kind of scary. She she would win.

6) i heard some guy say, "i like it when you piss me off, it makes me go faster"


7) the racer cemetary was just lovely. I could have laid down there and gone jello.

8) i never even saw BJMaynard the whole frickin race. I never saw the front of the race. that sucks.

9) haven't found one good restaurant near these stupid cross races. That really takes away from the fun, in my book.

10) Why road racing is better than Cyclocross = doing it longer is usually better.

11) Why cross racing is better than Mtbiking = cause if you crash like a chump, everybody sees it.

12) women who race bikes are hot. Every single one of them.

13) when it comes to hiding the sac and blindly throwing yourself down the stupidest line of a rooty, dusty, jacked up little descent...a little bit of luck is promise enough.


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